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SAN virtualization: Products and best practices for storage virtualization

Learn how to best implement SAN virtualization in our collection of top articles on storage virtualization products and best practices.

Knowing which SAN virtualization products to use and which practices to implement can be challenging. While storage virtualization provides such advantages as management through a central interface and the ability to create enterprise-class functionality from commodity hardware, it also comes with its downsides, including an additional management layer and the fact that you’ll be dealing with both a hardware vendor and a software vendor instead of a single storage system vendor. Additionally, there are other factors to consider when implementing storage virtualization, such as whether the storage virtualization technology is in-band or out-of-band, and whether the engine is in the server, the switch, an appliance or an array.

To help you with the decision of whether to virtualize your storage and which products and functions to use, we’ve collected articles on the top products and best practices for SAN virtualization. See the different approaches available for storage virtualization, the benefits and disadvantages of storage virtualization products, elements to consider before implementing storage virtualization, and a case study on software-based SAN virtualization at a New Jersey health care company.  

Storage virtualization products: An important niche

Current trends show that interest in SAN virtualization products, especially complicated switch-basedones, has been declining, yet they are still valuable when it comes to processes such as non-disruptive data migrations. This article explores how other simpler approaches to storage virtualization, such as appliances, arrays and software, have fared better in today’s storage market, and how SAN virtualization has become a product feature. Find out more about the outlook on storage virtualization products

Storage virtualization benefits and products

SAN virtualization hardware and software products allow for the gathering of multiple storage disk systems into one manageable entity and for supra-device functions to be enabled. See the various storage virtualization benefits different types of such products as in-band and out-of-band  devices, as well as virtual storage appliances, provide.

Storage virtualization technology pros and cons

In this podcast Q&A, find out the main benefits and challenges of storage virtualization technology, when to avoid storage virtualization, how to choose between block-based or file-based virtualization and who the leading vendors are.

Storage virtualization projects: Factors to consider when implementing storage virtualization

While storage virtualization projects can prove beneficial when it comes to data migration, there are many key issues to address when implementing them. Find out which elements to consider when executing SAN virtualization, including whether the storage virtualization technology is in-band or out-of-band, and if the engine is in the server, the switch, an appliance or an array.

Virtualized storage project: DataCore SANsymphony implementation no small task for health care firm

N.J.-based health care firm Continuum Health Partners Inc. installed DataCore SANSymphony as part of an eight-month-long SAN virtualization project. The software-based virtualized storage project involved managing more than 200 TB of data. See what benefits the company reaped, and the challenges it faced, in the process of virtualizing its storage.

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