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Networking equipment: 2011 Products of the Year finalists

Find out which networking equipment entries made the finalists list in the 2011 Products of the Year awards competition. The category covers switches, HBAs, NICs and security devices.

Products of the Year 2011 finalistsHere are the six finalists in the networking equipment category in Storage magazine’s and SearchStorage.com’s 2011 Products of the Year competition. The category covers switches, host bus adapters (HBAs), network interface cards (NICs) and security devices. Finalists are listed alphabetically.

Brocade Communications Systems Inc. DCX 8510 Backbone

The DCX 8510 was the first storage-area network (SAN) backbone switch to support 16 Gbps Fibre Channel (FC). Brocade says a single DCX 8510 can switch 420 million frames per second and has a throughput of 8.2 Tbps. Brocade has added in-flight compression and encryption, and designated diagnostic ports for faster diagnosis and isolation of optics and cable problems.

Brocade 1860 Fabric Adapter

Brocade’s 1860 Fabric Adapter combines a FC HBA, converged network adapter (CNA) and a NIC into a single product for cloud-enabled data centers. It supports both native 16 Gbps FC and 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10 GbE) on a user-configurable port-by-port basis. Brocade claims the 1860 product has the capability to achieve more than 1 million IOPS per adapter card.

Brocade 6510 SAN Switch

Brocade’s 6510 is the industry’s first SAN switch to support 16 Gbps FC; it scales from 24 to 48 ports in 12-port increments for both mainframe and mixed virtualized environments. The 1U switch provides up to 768 Gbps aggregate full-duplex throughput. It also has new diagnostic ports, as well as in-flight compression and encryption.

Infineta Systems Inc. Data Mobility Switch (DMS)

Infineta’s DMS is a hardware-based wide-area network (WAN) optimizer with a non-blocking switch plane and deduplication technology. It can process up to 1.6 million packets per second, according to the company, and includes granular quality-of-service (QoS) controls for managing resource allocation. The DMS is sold in multiple increments from 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps, with software upgrades available.

Intel Corp. 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10 GbE) Server Adapter X520 familyand 82599 10 Gigabit Ethernet Controller

Intel’s X520 NIC was upgraded with the company’s Open Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) technology for free and now operates like a CNA and can run all data center traffic over a single 10 GbE cable. The X520 supports all file- and block-based storage protocols, operating systems and server virtualization platforms.

QLogic Corp. 8200 Series Converged Network Adapters

QLogic added flexible connectivity and bandwidth provisioning capabilities to this third-generation CNA. The 8200 Series also includes flexible virtual partitions for virtualized environments and multiprotocol offload capabilities for higher scalability.

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UPDATE: Our 2011 Products of the Year award winners have been announced. Find out who won in the 2011 Networking Equipment category.

This was last published in January 2012

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