New Hybrid Cloud Solutions Improve Backups, Restores and Archives

by Ingo Fuchs, NetApp

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Cloud ONTAP Use Case: Cordant Group

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Backups are boring—as long as they complete on time. However, you can still find some satisfaction by optimizing your backups to save money, either by automating management tasks or by finding a lower-cost platform to store the backup data.

Restores, on the other hand, are exciting by comparison. How fast can you get your data back? Is your data intact and healthy? Will someone lose his or her job if a restore process fails?

And then there is archiving. Despite what many people think, just grabbing some duplicate backup tapes and storing them in a closet somewhere does not qualify as a useful archive. To be valuable, archives need to be reliable, accessible and affordable.

For each of these use cases—backups, restores and archiving—hybrid cloud architectures can reduce costs and improve performance, while also meeting the security and availability standards that are core to IT operations. With the right solutions, you can cloud-enable your existing infrastructure and run these important processes seamlessly and automatically based on policies that you define.

How to Control Your Future in a Hybrid Cloud World

When considering use cases that can benefit from a hybrid cloud design, it helps to start by answering a few basic questions:

  • Cost: Will new cost models offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other service providers fit within your operating budget?
  • Speed: Will you be able maintain or improve backup and recovery times for data centers and remote locations?
  • Scale: Can you leverage the virtually unlimited scale of cloud service providers instead of buying new equipment as your backup and archive data grows?
  • Risk: Will the ability to store multiple copies of data across multiple secure sites reduce the risk of data loss when compared to your current processes?

To help customers cloud-enable their existing infrastructure, NetApp recently enhanced its storage solutions for Amazon clouds as follows:

Cloud ONTAP for AWS and Cloud Manager
With Cloud ONTAP software and NetApp Cloud Manager, you can run a full, enterprise-class storage OS within AWS and accelerate the transition of legacy applications into the cloud. Cloud Manager offers a single environment to provision cloud storage, set up replication relationships, and enable NetApp service and support for Cloud ONTAP.

StorageGRID Webscale
The latest version of StorageGRID Webscale adds support for Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), geo-distributed erasure coding, and storage tiers. With these additions, you can leverage the value of your data stored in the right place at the right time based on performance, availability, durability and—yes—cost criteria. Data placement is managed based on policies and includes tiers of disk (SSD, SAS, SATA), tape, public cloud (Amazon S3) and geo-distributed object storage across multiple data centers.

NetApp also announced an appliance suited for simpler deployments and now provides three deployment options: a virtualized version (software-defined), an appliance version and a combination of the two, depending on the requirements.

SteelStore Cloud-Integrated Storage Appliance
In addition to using SteelStore to seamlessly, efficiently and securely move data from traditional backup and archive infrastructures into cloud environments (including Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, StorageGRID Webscale private clouds, and many more), you can now run instances of SteelStore natively in the AWS cloud on a pay-per-use basis. This way you can protect cloud-based workloads and recover data in AWS during a disaster.

OnCommand Insight
With the latest version of OnCommand Insight, you can manage storage resources running in the cloud as well as in your on-premises infrastructure. This delivers the ability to manage service level agreements across hybrid cloud infrastructure through performance monitoring and capacity management, and provides greater awareness of IT costs.

To find out more about the NetApp vision of a Data Fabric and how it can help your organization realize the full potential of the cloud, read the latest edition of our Tech OnTap Newsletter.

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