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The Business Case for NVMe – Now!

NVMe technology represents the next-generation of all-flash storage, capable of delivering dramatic performance and density improvements for all applications and workloads. In fact, by deploying certain all-flash arrays with NVMe technology, IT teams typically reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) through mixed-workload consolidation, lower software licensing fees and across-the-board productivity gains, and by accelerating time to market.

As with any new technology, business leaders are often reluctant to be at the bleeding edge, wanting to avoid risk. This is not an issue with NVMe. The technology has been available from Pure Storage® since 2015 and has proven success in accelerating a wide range of applications and workloads.

As a market leader in all-flash NVMe arrays, Pure Storage is now shipping a significant percentage of its arrays with NVMe technology.1 In reality, the business case for NVMe has never been stronger than it is now. There are two main reasons:

  • The “democratization” of NVMe: Until recently, NVMe was positioned primarily for specialized applications such as high-performance computing or as a performance cache in all-flash or hybrid arrays. This remains the model for most vendors. However, Pure Storage is the exception, making NVMe available on all its enterprise-class arrays at the same price as non-NVMe arrays. So any organization looking to upgrade, refresh or purchase new arrays can easily modernize and accelerate applications without paying a premium for much greater performance.
  • The availability of enterprise-ready NVMe: When it comes to any new technology, there are certain requirements that must be met in order for it to be considered ready for the enterprise. It must be at least as reliable, efficient, available and secure as the technology it is replacing, and of course, the goal is to actually deliver improvements in all of these areas. This is the case with NVMe-enabled arrays, which not only offer major performance improvements, but also deliver new levels of performance density to further accelerate consolidation and make it easier and more cost efficient for IT to evolve to private and hybrid cloud models. Pure FlashArray storage arrays with NVMe are as simple to deploy and manage as non-NVMe arrays, without requiring forklift upgrades or time-consuming migrations.

Today’s business case
NVMe makes business sense for any organization in the market for all-flash storage. Why wouldn’t you want next-generation performance and consolidation capabilities with all other factors being the same? This might not be the case with all vendors, but with Pure, it certainly is. Even if you don’t need the performance now, you will in the future, particularly because NVMe can help IT consolidate mixed-workload environments and enable private and hybrid clouds.

In making the business case to corporate management for NVMe now, IT decision-makers can present powerful arguments, including:

  • Improve performance: Can you think of a single enterprise application that wouldn’t benefit from performance improvements? NVMe delivers up to 50% lower latency and up to four times better performance density than non-NVMe arrays.2
  • Reduce TCO: High-performance density, coupled with industry-leading deduplication and compression technologies, enable organizations to achieve new levels of consolidation to reduce costs. This allows you to use fewer CPU cores, thereby reducing software licensing fees for databases and other business-critical apps.
  • Accelerate time to market: Faster performance means development teams can do their jobs more efficiently, accelerating development cycles. In addition, performance gains make all workers more productive, improving customer engagement and responsiveness.
  • Empower cloud models: In today’s environment, just about every organization is embracing private and hybrid cloud as IT shifts to a model that is more agile and service oriented. With Pure Storage, you can consolidate and unify your clouds to support mixed-workload usage either on premises or in hybrid cloud models.
  • Future-proof your infrastructure: There is no debate that NVMe is the future of all-flash storage. In a recent market report, Enterprise Storage notes NVMe is “a game-changer” that is “catching on like wildfire.”3 With NVMe arrays from Pure Storage, you can take advantage of Evergreen™ Storage so you never have to go through disruptive forklift upgrades while always staying current with technology innovation.

Shared Accelerated Storage for Every Workload

Read this paper to learn how the Pure Storage FlashArray//X is the world’s first enterprise-class, all-NVMe flash storage array that represents a new class of storage – shared accelerated storage.

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IT teams are facing an urgency to improve the performance and agility of their infrastructure to meet the changing needs of today’s businesses. Applications—whether cloud native or traditional—must address the challenges of exponential data growth along with support for new capabilities such as big data analytics and the Internet of Things. The opportunity to improve performance and lower costs is simply too powerful to pass up in this environment. The business case for NVMe may never be stronger than it is right now. You can start by visiting Pure Storage.

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