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The multiple advantages of data storage modernization

Data storage modernization is more impactful to a business than initially meets the eye. A modern data infrastructure serves as a foundation for organizations seeking to be digitally determined.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why, in the “Driving Innovation through Data Storage Modernization” white paper, IDC anticipates that in the next two years, the number of "digitally determined" organizations with a fully integrated enterprise wide technology architecture will grow from 46% to over 90%.

Plus, through massive tech industry growth bolstered by 3rd Platform solutions, digitally motivated businesses are getting more precise in their messaging, targeting customer needs, and bringing new experiences to market through digital transformation. 

So, by making timely investments in a modern storage infrastructure from a trusted vendor, organizations can remain in firm control of their future, become digitally determined and lead with data as a differentiating asset.

Digitally determined organizations tend to bring their innovations to scale through a single digital platform, with approaches that vary. The end goal however is a fully integrated enterprise-wide technology architecture enabling digital products, services, and experiences while modernizing and integrating the internal IT environment. 

Truly effective storage systems protect against unplanned business downtime by providing mechanisms that speed up data recovery, simplify management, lower storage costs, and improve data security. The architecture must be sustainable to support specific decision points made in support of the organization's overall data protection and archiving strategy.

Those that cannot align and mobilize their resources will perhaps solely focus on internal processes, rather than meaningful market innovations. Digitally determined organizations, on the other hand, ace difficult decisions in fields as capital budgets, organizational alignment, integrated road maps, technology investments, and process alignment.

The storage infrastructure must be modernized in alignment with business objectives, which seek to turn the organization into a digitally determined entity that uses data as one of its sources of competitive differentiation.

IDC interviewed IT decision makers (ITDMs) across three verticals as part of their study. Discover their perspective, as well as all there is to know about digitally determined organizations, from the “Driving Innovation through Data Storage Modernization” white paper.

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