May 2009 Table of Contents

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May 2009 Table of Contents

The Glass Is Half Full In stressful times there's often an inclination to resort to stopgap measures: just patch it and pray, and deal with it later. But what could be a higher priority than using your diminished budget dollars to get more out of what you already have? By Rich Castagna

Put Data Dedupe to the Test Deduplication can drastically reduce the disk space required for backup, but different dedupe apps can yield very different results. Rather than accepting the deduplication ratios and performance vendors say they'll deliver, you should test these systems yourself using your own data.
By W. Curtis Preston

The Time is Right for Efficient Storage Storage budgets are lower this year, so storage managers will be even more careful with their purchases. With limited funds, they'll likely be looking for products that can help them manage their existing capacity more efficiently. By Rich Castagna

A Dynamic Four-Tier Storage Design A comprehensive revamping of the storage environment at a major government agency shows how a tiered storage design can help meet operational expectations and plan for the future without busting the budget. By Herb Ferguson

A Wealth of Deduplication Options Hardware-based products propelled deduplication into the mainstream, so they've received most of the attention to date. But now many backup apps have integrated dedupe functionality, so you have more deduplication options. By Lauren Whitehouse

CDP Picks Up A Little Steam Continuous data protection (CDP) application adoption is hardly a juggernaut, but our most recent survey shows a modest increase in the number of CDP users. More respondents plan implementations, but some still aren't sold on CDP's benefits. By Rich Castagna

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