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Disks and disk subsystems finalists: 2009 Products of the Year

Find out the nine finalists in the disks and disk subsystems category in the 2009 Storage magazine and SearchStorage.com Products of the Year competition.

Below are the nine finalists in the disks and disk subsystems category in the 2009 Storage magazine and SearchStorage.com Products of the Year competition. They are listed alphabetically.

3PAR InServ F400 Storage Server

The InServ F-Class arrays bring the same set of features found in 3PAR's enterprise T-Class systems to the midrange, including a mesh-active quad controller technology, thin provisioning ASIC and management software.

Avere Systems Inc. FXT Series

Startup Avere combines clustered network-attached storage (NAS), file virtualization, automatic storage tiering and solid-state drives (SSDs) on its FXT appliances.

BlueArc Corp.'s Mercury

With Mercury, BlueArc brings features such as its hardware-accelerated file system, data migration and caching into the midrange mainstream NAS market.

Dell EqualLogic PS6000 Series

The PS6000 extends Dell's market-leading iSCSI arrays by adding solid-state drive support, more cache, faster processors, and enhanced management and data protection software.

EMC Corp. Symmetrix V-MAX

EMC gave its flagship enterprise data storage array a new mesh architecture with the V-Max, as well as upgrades to scalability and performance, and greater integration with VMware.

Fusion-io ioDrive Duo

The ioDrive Duo expands the performance and capacity of Fusion-io's original PCI Express (PCIe)-based SSD card. The ioDrive Duo is available in 32 GB and 64 GB configurations, and Fusion-io claims read IOPS of 186,000 and 1.5 GBps of read bandwidth.

Pliant Technology Inc. Lightning LS 300 Enterprise Flash Drive (EFD)

Pliant's EFDs range in capacity from 150 GB to 300 GB, and the company claims 160,000 IOPS and read/write throughput of 525 MBps and 340 MBps.

Sun Microsystems Inc. Sun Storage 7410 Unified Storage System

The 7410, based on the ZFS open-source file system, uses caching algorithms to detect access patterns and place data on the correct solid-state or disk storage tier, and includes self-healing software to monitor and manage system components.

Texas Memory Systems Inc. RamSan-20

RamSan-20 is a PCIe Flash system that scales to 450 GB of usable storage, and includes built-in RAID, ultracapacitors and an on-board processor to recover data quickly in case of a server crash or power outage.

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