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Data storage 2011 Products of the Year finalists

Find out which enterprise data storage products are in the running for a 2011 Products of the Year award.

Products of the year 2011 finalistsForty-eight enterprise data storage products in six categories have been chosen as finalists for the Storage magazine and SearchStorage.com 2011 Products of the Year competition. Our panel of judges has selected these finalists from nearly 200 entries in six data storage categories: backup and disaster recovery software and services, backup hardware, networking equipment, storage management tools, storage systems, and storage system software. Click on the product categories below to see what products are in the running for a 2011 Products of the Year award.

The backup and disaster recovery software and services category covers backup and recovery software, cloud backup and recovery services, disaster recovery, snapshot and replication, electronic vaulting and archivers.

The backup hardware 2011 Products of the Year category covers tape libraries, tape drives for backup, media, disk backup targets, virtual tape libraries (VTL), deduplication devices and gateways appliances for cloud backup.

The networking equipment category covers storage networking switches, host bus adapters (HBAs), NICs and security devices.

The storage management tools 2011 Products of the Year category covers storage resource management (SRM) and SAN management software, performance monitoring, configuration management and provisioning.

The storage systems category covers FC and iSCSI SAN, NAS, multiprotocol systems, direct-attached storage (DAS), hard disk drives, solid-state storage, disk controllers, caching appliances, storage virtualization appliances and cloud storage gateway appliances.

The storage system software category covers file systems, volume management, storage virtualization software, security software, storage optimization applications and data reduction.

The 2011 Products of the Year awards have been finalized. Check out our guide to the best data storage products of 2011 to get a listing of all the category winners.

UPDATE: Find out the winners of our 2012 Products of the Year awards.

This was last published in January 2012

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