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Coming in Storage magazine's July/August 2009 issue

A sneak peek at Storage magazine's next issue.

Backup Applications and VMware
Most backup applications have announced some form of integration with VMware to make backups easier, cheaper and more granular. This article provides best practices for virtual server backups and looks at the various products to determine how well integrated they are and what benefits users should expect from that integration.

Quality Awards IV: Tape Libraries
The fourth annual Storage magazine/ Quality Awards focus on user satisfaction with tape libraries. We analyze the results of our exclusive survey where users describe their experiences related to their tape libraries' initial quality, features and reliability, as well as the technical support and sales competence of library vendors.

Virtual Desktops and Storage
The desktop is the last frontier of virtualization. We examine just how significantly storage systems will be affected as desktops get virtualized. We'll address issues such as whether VDI will require more capacity, if certain types of storage systems are better suited for VDI, and if thin provisioning and deduplication will help or hinder a VDI installation.

This was last published in June 2009

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