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Coming in Storage magazine's April 2009 issue

A sneak peek at Storage magazine's April 2009 issue.

Data Replication
Replication has become a key component of most organization's disaster recovery and data protection environments. And with its growing popularity, the number of replication options has also grown. We examine the pros and cons of different data replication methods and products, and offer a look at the state of the art for replication technologies.

How Storage Jobs are Changing
Virtualization has a grip on the server side of IT shops, and is making inroads into storage. Add network virtualization into the mix, and traditional barriers between storage, systems and networking groups begin to fall. Who will manage what in the data center?

Power-Smart Disk Systems
Disk drive systems use more power than just about any other data center gear, but storage vendors are addressing this problem with a variety of technologies. This update describes how vendors are enhancing their disk systems and offers some tips on reducing storage power consumption.

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