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Storage optimization strategies for time-series data stores

Storing time-series data should depend on how the data is used and its age. Discover tips for saving data for comparative analysis, machine learning and other purposes.


Use cases for object storage ramp up to meet emerging demands

Computational and storage advances are expanding the role of object storage beyond traditional HPC and cloud to emerging data analytics, machine learning and deep learning use cases.


IT staffing trends evolve during a trying 2020

Surveys indicate few IT pros should be concerned about layoffs due to COVID-19. But other factors, such as reskilling, training and the new WFH reality, are having a profound effect.


On-premises STaaS shifts storage buying to Opex model

Storage as a service enables organizations to access on-premises storage in various ways, such as pay as you go, subscription buying and metered payments. Learn the pros and cons.

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Storage Technology Basics

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    hot plugging

    Hot plugging is the addition of a component to a running computer system without significant interruption to the operation of the system.

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    How containers are used and what that means for storage

    Knowing which type of storage to deploy when using containers is important. We look at the storage architectures enterprises are using, the features preferred and more.

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    What to look for in cloud storage caching appliances

    Cloud storage caching can reduce performance-sapping latency. See how these appliances work, alternative approaches, in-demand features and the various products available.

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