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Startup ClearSky adds file storage to service offerings

Startup ClearSky offers new scale-up NAS option to extend hybrid cloud managed service offerings beyond block-based primary storage, backup and disaster recovery.


Products that combine storage interfaces

Explore the capabilities, as well as the strengths and weaknesses, of some storage vendors' products that support and integrate block, file and object interfaces.


Edge storage in the internet of things era

Edge computing, the cloud and internet of things data are changing the way businesses store, analyze and manage all the information generated at the perimeter of the enterprise.


Dense TrueNAS integrates multi-tiered flash storage

The vendor claims shipments of its storage systems recently surpassed an exabyte of combined capacity. TrueNAS M-Series is a new high-end system with DRAM, NVDIMM and NVMe.

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Storage Technology Basics

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    cache memory

    Cache memory, also called CPU memory, is high-speed static random access memory (SRAM) that a computer microprocessor can access more quickly than it can access regular random access memory (RAM).

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    Why overprovision solid-state storage drives?

    While overprovisioned SSDs have less usable capacity available, that space is put to good use. The majority of SSD manufacturers overprovision their drives, and for good reason.

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    Everything you want to know about NVMe over Fabrics

    The NVMe over Fabrics specification is growing in popularity, thanks to its ability to reduce latency and increase performance. But is it just a fad or here to stay?

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