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WANdisco launches automated Hadoop data migrator for AWS

WANdisco LiveData Migrator moves Hadoop data while avoiding downtime. Although niche, it solves the hurdle of migrating Hadoop data while it's going through active changes.

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13 tips on managing cloud storage and SAN

Whether you're managing cloud storage or a local SAN, both have issues. Compare 13 areas where SAN and cloud storage challenges can arise and find out how to deal with them.


MinIO brings high-performance object storage to VMware Tanzu

MinIO brings software-defined, cloud-native object storage to VMware Cloud Foundation with Tanzu through the newly launched vSAN Data Persistence platform.


Cloudian, Scality optimize object storage for flash

Primarily used as a disk repository, object storage use cases are evolving to support workloads that need fast flash. Rivals Cloudian and Scality provide the latest evidence.

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Storage Technology Basics

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    FCoE (Fibre Channel over Ethernet)

    FCoE (Fibre Channel over Ethernet) is a storage protocol that enable Fibre Channel (FC) communications to run directly over Ethernet.

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    Fibre Channel switch (FC switch)

    A Fibre Channel switch is a networking device that is compatible with the Fibre Channel (FC) protocol and designed for use in a dedicated storage area network (SAN).

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    SATA, SAS and NVMe SSD speeds: What you need to know

    The non-volatile memory express protocol is tailor-made to make SSDs fast. Get up to speed on NVMe performance and how it compares to the SATA and SAS interfaces.

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