• Purchasing email archiving products for compliance and litigation

    The growing value of email in compliance and litigation is emphasizing the importance of email retention and efficient email access. No longer is the objective of email archiving just to move aging messages for long-term storage, but to also find ...  Continue Reading

  • How to purchase SAN upgrades

    Every storage area network will inevitably grow to keep pace with the changing needs of enterprise storage. Growth implies more storage capacity, but raw capacity is just the beginning. Growth also means meeting the demand for improved SAN ...  Continue Reading

  • Selecting archiving products

    Some data archives are little more than "dumb" disk arrays, but the more sophisticated archives provide data deduplication for single-instance storage, robust power conservation features and immutability for data that may be needed as evidence in ...  Continue Reading

  • Evaluating and purchasing CAS archives

    Content-addressed storage (CAS) is a specialized type of archive that provides the inexpensive and high-capacity storage needed to retain data that, although accessed infrequently, still has long-term relevance to the enterprise. More importantly, ...  Continue Reading