• WAN/WAFS platform specifications

    WAFS products support the efficient exchange of data between remote locations over a WAN, allowing remote offices to access data from a data center as if it were local. WAFS can typically support a wide range of applications across virtually any WAN...  Continue Reading

  • Data storage basics final exam

    Are you solid on the basics of data storage? Take our final exam and evaluate your knowledge of data storage basics.  Continue Reading

  • Virtual SAN product specifications

    Virtual SANs can improve manageability, maintain security, improve utilization, simplify troubleshooting and ease disruptions during upgrades or changes. The product snapshots in this chapter highlight key specifications for a cross-section of ...  Continue Reading

  • Virtual SAN purchase considerations

    Large SAN architectures are often broken down into one or more virtual SANs, which partition the physical SAN into logical sections, or combine SAN islands into a single SAN entity. Now that you've reviewed the essential issues involved in any ...  Continue Reading

  • Storage virtualization hardware specifications

    Although host-based virtualization can be accomplished by running commercial storage virtualization software on a generic host server, software can also be packed with hardware in the form of a dedicated appliance, incorporated into storage ...  Continue Reading