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Learning Guide: SAN

It doesn't matter if you're a SAN beginner or a veteran. Our SAN Learning Guide has all the latest information. Find out if a SAN is right for you, how to configure one, the best way to manage it and how a SAN figures into your backup plans.

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  Table of Contents 

   SAN for beginners
   SAN players/products
   SAN trends
   SAN protocols
   SAN configuration
   SAN management
   SAN and backup
   SAN performance

  SAN for beginners Return to Table of Contents

It's always best to start at the beginning, right? Learn the basics of a SAN and find out if such a configuration would be a benefit to your shop.

Expert tips:

  • SAN School: Lesson 1 – The SAN

  • How to choose the best switch for your SAN or LAN

  • Troubleshooting your SAN (more or less) painlessly

  • How to document a SAN

  • Expert Q&As:

  • Making it a simple transition from NAS to SAN

  • My first SAN

  • Increasing uptime in the data center with a SAN

  • Is SAN implementation more expensive than NAS?

  • The difference between SAN and NAS

  • How do I know if I'm ready for a SAN?

  • Why you shouldn't share disk resources in a SAN

  • Servers and SANs, how they work

  • Storage magazine insider:

  • No-sweat SAN design

  • SAN anxieties allayed

  • Additional resources:

  • What is a SAN

  • Storage Topics: SAN

  • Discuss SAN basics with your peers in ITKnowledge Exchange.

  •   SAN players/products Return to Table of Contents

    It's important to know the players in the game, the tools they offer, and what's working and what's not.

    Expert tips:
  • Expand your SAN: No-sweat SAN design tools

  • How to scan your SAN

  • New player enters the low-cost SAN game

  • Strategic Vendor Series: NetApp

  • Strategic Vendor Series: Brocade

  • Strategic Vendor Series: HP

  • Strategic Vendor Series: EMC

  • Strategic Vendor Series: HDS

  • Strategic Vendor Series: IBM

  • Expert Q&As:

  • Tools for scanning and mapping the SAN

  • Where to find testing tools

  • Storage magazine insider:

  • First look: Crossroads Systems' DataMover 240f

  • First look: Brocade's SilkWorm Multiprotocol router

  • Hands-on review: Onaro SANscreen 2.5.2

  • SANMelody tunes up SMB storage

  • Additional resources:

  • Discuss the various SAN vendors with your peers in ITKnowledge Exchange.

  •   SAN trends Return to Table of Contents

    When it comes to storage, you've got to stay on top. There are new vendors and products coming on the market everyday.

    Expert tips:
  • EMC TOEs the iSCSI line

  • Dueling SAN technologies: NAS vs. iSCSI

  • SAN trend tips library

  • SAN/NAS convergence: Proceed with caution, part 1

  • SAN/NAS convergence: Proceed with caution, part 2

  • SAN/NAS convergence: Proceed with caution, part 3

  • Thing provisioning slims storage volumes

  • Expert Q&As:

  • SAN and NAS (heads), together at last

  • SAN predictions for 2005: The year of programmable storage

  • How SATA drives hook up to a SAN

  • Who's winning the SATA/ATA race

  • Storage magazine insider:

  • Survey says: Appetite for NAS calms to SAN levels

  • Switch partitions gain steam

  • Think thin (provisioning)

  • Cheap SANs – hype or hot?

  • CAD for SANs

  • Additional resources:

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  •   SAN protocols Return to Table of Contents

    Read up on the various SAN protocols, there are many -- FC-SW, FC-AL, iSCSI, FC/IP, iFC/IP. It's a lot to keep straight.

    Expert tips:
  • Fibre Channel, part 1: Going the distance with SANs

  • Fibre Channel, part 2: Calculating data speed over distance

  • Expert Q&As:

  • Is it possible to SAN boot using an iSCSI adapter?

  • The difference between iFCP and FCIP?

  • What will it be, iSCI or iFCP?

  • iFCP networking best practices

  • The difference between IP storage and iSCSI

  • What switches to use when implementing an iSCSI SAN

  • How FC-AL and FC-SW switches are implemented

  • How is FC-AL implemented in loop switch?

  • Storage magazine insider:

  • Securing IP SANs

  • IP storage delivers

  • Additional resources:

  • Crash Course: IP SANs

  • What is FC/IP
  • What is iFCP

  • What is iSCSI

  • Discuss SAN protocols with your peers in ITKnowledge Exchange.

  •   SAN configuration Return to Table of Contents

    You may know the different parts of SAN but do you know the best way to put one together? See what the experts have to say about SAN design and you'll be on your way.

    Expert tips:
  • SAN School: Lesson 2 --- SAN building blocks

  • SAN School: Lesson 5 – SAN loops and the SAN fabric

  • SAN School: Lesson 7 – Putting it all together

  • SAN School: Lesson 8 – Tying your SANs together

  • Checklist: How to design a scalable SAN

  • How to design a core/edge SAN

  • SAN road map: How to scale beyond a single fabric

  • Expert Q&As:

  • How to assign LUNs in a SAN

  • NAS gateway versus SAN-attached server

  • Creating a iSCSI SAN using only Ethernet switches

  • Building a SAN for shared video editing storage

  • Storage magazine insider:

  • Bridging SAN islands

  • Snapshot: Do you boot from the SAN?

  • SAN switch smarts

  • Snapshot: How is your SAN architected?

  • Scaling SANs

  • Additional resources:

  • SAN/NAS Technical Tips

  • Discuss SAN configuration with your peers in ITKnowledge Exchange.

  •   SAN management Return to Table of Contents

    It may not seem like it, but one of the toughest job in storage is managing it. Read up on management software and best practices.

    Expert tips:
  • SAN School: Lesson 12 -- Approaches to SAN management

  • SAN School: Lesson 13 – Storage outsourcing

  • Do SAN management tools help?

  • For compliance, neither SAN nor NAS are a slam dunk

  • Making sense of SAN management software

  • How to help your SAN keep it's cool

  • Can a database get too big for its SAN

  • Why SANs still aren't simple

  • How much storage management is enough?

  • Expert Q&As

  • Ten best practices for moving data files to a SAN

  • Which tasks take the most time in managing a SAN and why?

  • Multiple redundant SAN islands versus a large SAN fabric

  • Storage magazine insider:

  • Chart a course for consolidation

  • Slash SAN costs

  • Too many SAN islands

  • Additional resources:

  • Learning Guide: SAN management

  • Tech Report: Flexible RAID arrays

  • Fast Guide: RAID

  • Discuss SAN management with your peers in ITKnowledge Exchange.

  •   SAN and backup Return to Table of Contents

    The reality is, backup is not an area you want to ignore. Tape or disk, doesn't matter -- you just need to make sure you have all the SAN backup bases covered.

    Expert tips:
  • SAN School: Lesson 6 – Disaster recovery planning

  • SAN School: Lesson 9 – SAN backup, the killer app

  • SAN School: Lesson 11 – Using point-in-time copies

  • Effective SAN extension strategies need CARBS

  • Which came first: The SAN or the backup?

  • Disk-based backup for SAN and NAS

  • Stars align for remote replication

  • Expert Q&As:

  • SAN DR planning

  • What are the disadvantages of booting off the SAN?

  • Which came first, the SAN or the backup solution?

  • Designing a tape SAN for backup

  • Designing a SAN with multiple servers using serverless backup

  • Severless backup isn't the only solution for a SAN

  • Storage magazine insider:

  • D2D backup: Disk's dual role

  • Additional resources:

  • Learning Guide: SAN-based backups

  • Discuss SAN backup with your peers in ITKnowledge Exchange.

  •   SAN performance Return to Table of Contents

    When everything is said and done, it comes down to performance. And when you're SAN performance is down, you're sure to hear some screaming. Read up on how to maximize your SAN's performance, troubleshoot problems and keeps things running smoothly.

    Expert tips:
  • SAN School: Lesson 3 -- What makes a SAN go

  • SAN School: Lesson 4 – What makes a SAN stop

  • SAN School: Lesson 10 -- Booting into your SAN

  • SAN School: Lesson 14: Troubleshooting your SAN

  • SAN consolidation reduces costs, boosts performance

  • Checklist; Ten steps to troubleshooting SAN/NAS performance problems

  • Test your SAN cool with an infrared scanner

  • Expert Q&As:

  • Increasing SAN bandwidth

  • Why does a SAN access data from the server faster than a hard drive?

  • Hard numbers and performance figures

  • Additional resources:

  • Discuss SAN performance with your peers in ITKnowledge Exchange.

  • This was first published in April 2005

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