• Saturated links

    This tip explains what saturated links are, how they affect performance and how you can handle them.

  • Stock exchange bullish on SAN

    Saddled with an underutilized, slow, direct-attached storage architecture -- up-and-coming stock exchange Archipelago rallies its systems with networked storage.

  • Be careful with tape labels

    Bar code labels on tape cartridges can cause more trouble than you may think. Get the do's and don'ts of using bar code labels in this tip.

  • Account for fabric reconfigurations

    Bits & Bytes: Fabric reconfigurations happen and it's important to understand why they sometimes do or do not occur, says contributor Simon Gordon.

  • Limit RSCNs in the SAN

    Bits & Bytes: This tip discusses problems with RSCNs and name server queries and offers SAN design solutions.

  • Backing up remote offices without tape

    Bits & Bytes: Protecting remote office data is becoming a major challenge for storage managers. Here are a few tips on how to facilitate the process.

  • Security starts with data protection

    Bits & Bytes: This tip describes what kind of data needs to be secured, the categories needed to classify it and key data protection aspects to consider.

  • iSCSI and Microsoft make potent combo

    What happens when Microsoft throws some weight behind iSCSI? The results could be tremendous. Read about some of the early implications here.

  • No legal mandates for mirroring today

    Bits & Bytes: Jon Toigo offers the likely results of several disaster scenarios, and asks the question, "Should the government require a safe distance between mirror pairs?"

  • Try NAS aggregation to ease admin woes

    What it is and different approaches.

  • Select the right NAS filer

    Considerations for choosing the right NAS filer.

  • Mask complexity with data mobility

    Bits & Bytes: This commentary describes how data mobility not only masks and automates the complexities of data migration, it also enables policy-based data movement.

  • Archiving the brain

    Sharing data with scientists all over the world is the challenge for Dartmouth's fMRI data center

  • Simplify storage with operations staff

    Bits & Bytes: This tip explains why you need to work with your operations staff for successful and simplified storage management.

  • Tips for the everyday admin -- #3

    Bits & Bytes: Evan Marcus' availability countdown continues with advice on exploiting external resources.

  • Five steps to selecting a provider

    Bits & Bytes: Data consolidation expert Joel Lovell offers these five steps to help you make an informed decision on a storage solution provider.

  • Seven steps for building, scaling SANs

    Bits & Bytes: Although many have a SAN, not everyone is content with them. Learn what GlassHouse Technologies' consultants suggested recently for dealing with SANs.

  • Let the iSCSI games begin

    How and when will iSCSI impact you? Find out here.

  • Choose the right tape library

    Some considerations for choosing the right tape library.

  • Regulation compliance strategies

    Are you ready for the impending job of regulation compliance? Our expert offers some advice on new business strategies and technologies that may help.