Storage Technology Tips | Page 37


  • SATA drives take aim at SCSI

    Serial ATA drives are threatening the very being of SCSI drives. Two companies are at the forefront of developing these enterprise class drives. Check in with them here.

  • A beginners guide to iSCSI contributor Simon Gordon answers FAQs about iSCSI.

  • Completing a preliminary risk analysis

    Bits & Bytes: In phase one of the DR planning process, you'll learn to use common sense as you tackle the tasks of project initiation and preliminary risk analysis.

  • Guide to database storage discussions

    We've culled some of the more interesting posts from our discussion forums on the topics of databases and their underlying storage. Check them out.

  • How much storage management is enough?

    This tip discusses rules of thumb for FC-AL management.

  • How much downtime is too much?

    This column offers more on the components of the availability index. Evan Marcus describes the trade-off between cost of downtime and cost of uptime.

  • DAS to SAN migration considerations

    Bits & Bytes: Are you working on pulling your storage from direct-attached to a storage area network? Here are some tips on making this migration go as smooth as possible.

  • Don't try to secure data in motion

    Are you wasting time trying to encrypt data in motion? Find out why such security efforts may be all for naught and what tools may ensure that only trusted users access data.

  • Try concurrent Exchange backups

    This tip discusses Microsoft Exchange backup performance dilemmas and how to fix them.

  • Design for application efficiency

    Bits & Bytes: Apps produce revenue and boost employee efficiency, so you need to make sure they're always up and running. Find out how to design an application efficiency strategy.

  • Part 4: Out-of-band telecom

    Bits & Bytes: Does out-of-band telecom make sense for you? On the surface this seems like a good model for those trying to boost utilization -- but there are some hidden pitfalls.

  • Tips for the everyday admin -- #2

    Bits & Bytes: Evan Marcus' availability countdown continues with advice on making sure you examine one problem at a time.

  • SRM players cook up new pricing models

    A new wave of creative pricing is on the horizon in the SRM space. Gone are the days of counting processors in the system, but capacity tracking is now king.

  • Configuring the SAN

    Bits & Bytes:'s newest contributor Arthur Scrimo offers expert advice on working with switches, HBAs and zoning in a SAN.

  • Stock exchange bullish on SAN

    Saddled with an underutilized, slow, direct-attached storage architecture -- up-and-coming stock exchange Archipelago rallies its systems with networked storage.

  • Saturated links

    This tip explains what saturated links are, how they affect performance and how you can handle them.

  • Do some basic performance analysis

    How to go about doing performance analysis.

  • Key buying criteria for storage mgmt.

    Bits & Bytes: What specific mainframe attributes should you look for when selecting a storage management software package? John Weinhoeft has your answers.

  • Limit RSCNs in the SAN

    Bits & Bytes: This tip discusses problems with RSCNs and name server queries and offers SAN design solutions.

  • Be careful with tape labels

    Bar code labels on tape cartridges can cause more trouble than you may think. Get the do's and don'ts of using bar code labels in this tip.