Storage Technology Tips | Page 34


  • In-band ESCOM

    Bits & Bytes: In this final installment of Jerome Wendt's overview of design concepts for storage networks, he looks at a new model, in-band ESCOM.

  • Multipathing for reliability

    Having two separate data paths from the server to the storage helps avoid single points of failure, but it can also be a confusing process. Here's multipathing made simple.

  • The guidelines of data retention

    Bits & Bytes: Have you ever wondered how long you need to keep your data? Bill Oliver goes over the rules of data retention.

  • Serial ATA adoption ramping up

    You may be seeing the last of the parallel ATA products. Slowly, but surely storage pros are turing to Serial ATA as thier drive of choice. Are you being left behind?

  • Do you want a Firewire SAN?

    Firewire (IEEE 1394) is a serial bus usually associated with peripherals. Yet at least one company makes a firewire SAN and it has established a firm foothold, in a limited market.

  • Use agents for disk or tape backup

    Author Randy Thorburn puts aside the debate over whether to back up to disk or tape and discusses using intelligent agents to make the decision and automate the whole process.

  • Storage simplified: NAS gains traction

    Recent technological advancements combined with economic factors, have led to a growing adoption of NAS in the enterprise.

  • Smart SANs

    Here's a quick blueprint for thinking strategically about building your SAN, broken down into four major components: storage, computing, network infrastructure and software.

  • A storage manager's worst nightmare

    What is a storage manager's least favorite season? Try hurricane season. Natural disasters are a real DR scenario consideration. Get planning hints here.

  • Find those missing LTO drives

    Where did they go?

  • How to make sure your IP storage is se

    How to make sure your IP storage is secure

  • The seasonality of product announcemen

    The seasonality of product announcements

  • Here comes ILM

    Information lifecycle management and what it means to you.

  • Utility computing: Charge for storage?

    Bits & Bytes: Analyst Jamie Gruener takes a close look at the hype and hope surrounding utility computing and what storage managers and admins should be doing now to prepare.

  • Securing SAN's with iSCSI

    Bits & Bytes: According to Peter Hayden, correctly configured, iSCSI-based arrays offer the highest level of security available in SAN technologies. Read why here.

  • Audit your SAN's security risks

    This tip describes checklists for auditing the security of your storage area networks (SANs).

  • Questions surround digital rights mgt.

    Bits & Bytes: Questions abound about digital rights management. John Weinhoeft takes a look at what you need to ask yourself about long-term content management.

  • DR: One size doesn't fit all, but it fits most

    Bits & Bytes: The "one size fits all" DR debate continues. This time consultant Kevin Fox weighs in on how to think about establishing a DR plan should you be without one now.

  • Tune up your iSCSI storage router

    Cisco's SN 5400 storage router is a popular choice for iSCSI under Windows 2000. However by tuning the iSCSI driver you can improve its performance.

  • EBSI: Is it right for you?

    This tip offers advantages and disadvantages of the new backup initiative and products coming from the Enhanced Backup Solutions Initiative (EBSI).