Storage Technology Tips | Page 33


  • SD03: Creating RFPs for SAN management

    According to author and SearchStorage expert Marc Farley knowing what you want and what you have is the best way to get started on building a storage management RFP.

  • Want better performance? Try plaid

    A data plaid aims to improve disk access performance by making disk accesses to the physical disk drives more random.

  • Avoid e-mail storage policy mistakes

    What is your companies e-mail policy? Are e-mails purged after a set time or are they retained? Bob Spruzem uncovers the benefits of a good e-mail policy.

  • Tiny recovery tools

    Memory sticks can help a lot when something crashes.

  • Get a TOE hold on iSCSI

    ISCSI networking companies are now offering HBAs with built-in TCP Offload Engines (TOE) to take the load off the system. Get the lowdown on these new cards.

  • A peek into the minds of vendors

    Taking a peek into the minds of vendors

  • Using SRM for backup

    Storage managers aren't just looking for storage resource management (SRM) tools to help with primary storage allocation anymore -- but also for secondary storage purposes.

  • The myth of the nines

    The nines of reliability is a theory that refers to the percentage of time a system is running. But the theory's flaw is that it doesn't consider the timing of a system outage.

  • DR planning: Third-party help

    Find out how VARs, system integrators and consultants can be a valuable resource for you when putting together your DR plan.

  • How to deal with water-damaged tapes

    A flood, fire, or simply a broken pipe can cause serious water damage to your tapes -- and possibly your data. Find out what to do with water-damaged tapes.

  • Early adopters applaud iSCSI arrays

    If you are on the fence about iSCSI, you may want to take a look at what some of the early adopters are saying about their implementations.

  • Reduce the IT impact of power outages

    Author and DR expert Jon William Toigo shares specific tips for avoiding data disruptions during power outages, such as checking alternative power sources ahead of time.

  • Wireless NAS?

    A wireless NAS is a pretty specialized product but there are a couple of situations where a wireless NAS can be useful.

  • Calculating storage management ROI

    Storage management expert and Yankee Group senior analyst Jamie Gruener describes the key questions you need to ask yourself when determining ROI for storage management tools.

  • Protecting DCs against power outages

    In the wake of Thursday's blackouts -- data center maven and contributor John Weinhoeft tells us how data centers can effectively protect against power outages.

  • 'Good enough' storage falls short

    Bits & Bytes: As a veteran mainframer, John Weinhoeft says, much of the data intergrety features in new designs are an afterthought, when they should be a first thought.

  • FC HBAs and FC switch pricing

    Why haven't FC HBAs followed FC switch price declines?

  • SAN security concerns

    Five reasons you should be concerned about SAN security

  • Fireproof your files

    Pick the right safe for backup tape storage.

  • Standards in fabric APIs gains ground

    What is FAIS? According to Data Mobility Group's John Webster FAIS may be the most interesting thing in storage today. Read what it is and how it may affect your SAN.