Storage Technology Tips | Page 32


  • Spotlight on SAN/NAS convergence

    Combining NAS and SAN in the same storage environment can be a difficult. Here are some helpful resources to make the process more smooth.

  • A new tack

    A variety of new approaches are emerging for SAN-NAS convergence. Here are some of the options.

  • Treat databases the SAME

    SAME defined, and why you need to wait.

  • An eye on SCSI

    The newly minted iSCSI standard--which enables companies to run block-based data over standard IP networks--promises to lower the cost of entry for SAN deployments. Find out how.

  • SD 2003: The ABCs of RFPs

    At Storage Decisions in September, experts lent a helping hand to the users working through the RFP process. They offered this advice.

  • SAN management: Consolidation concerns

    Along with the growth of storage consolidation projects comes the need for better SAN management. Here's help in selecting the right SAN management tools.

  • SD2003: Rate the disk vendors

    Attendees to the Storage Decisions 'Rate the disk vendor' session heard some common refrains from panelists as they gathered to dissect the state of the disk vendor market.

  • SD2003: Panel - Regulatory compliance

    There are over 15,000 regulations in the U.S. that govern the handling of data. Research analyst Peter Gerr shared this statistic while moderating a recent panel on compliance.

  • SD2003: SNIA - Providing answers

    Sheila Childs, chairperson of SNIA's board of directors, discussed storage customer issues and the role of industry groups and SNIA to bridge the gap between customers and vendors.

  • SD2003: DR for the new realities

    Damien Walch recently shared a widening chasm between what internal customers have come to expect from IT in the event of disaster and what IT is prepared to deliver.

  • SD2003: Storage management tools

    Stephen Foskett, a senior consultant at GlassHouse Technologies, presented an elaborate matrix of SRM tools and how they map to the various storage management processes identified.

  • Secure remote backups

    Considerations to secure your data.

  • SD2003: Rate the backup vendors panel

    Panelists rated backup vendor performance, sharing challenges they had with backups. (Vendors take heed, your customers aren't happy.)

  • SD2003: iSCSI - The new interconnect?

    In his recent iSCSI session at Storage Decisions 2003, consultant Sean Derrington discussed the future roles of both iSCSI and Fibre Channel as storage networking interconnects.

  • SD2003: Future of the data center

    What does the future data center look like? Find out from six panelists who discussed the topic at Storage Decisions 2003.

  • SD2003: From regulation to desperation

    Vendors are making noise about regulatory compliance and data retention. While the topic may be surrounded by hype, however, the implications for the end user are all too real.

  • SD2003: 2004 purchasing survey

    Mark Schlack, editorial director of TechTarget's Storage Media Group, shared findings from Storage magazine's 2004 purchasing intentions survey.

  • SD03: The pros and cons of CAS

    File location independence, authenticity of your files, and the elimination of redundancy are just a few of the benefits of content-addressed storage (CAS) as cited by Arun Taneja.

  • Security and management networks

    Security and management networks, a dynamic duo

  • SD03: Creating RFPs for Tape Libraries

    What are the key elements to developing effective requests for proposal for tape-related technologies? Dianne McAdam, senior analyst and partner of Data Mobility Group explains.