Storage Technology Tips | Page 30


  • Lifecycle data management

    Bits & Bytes: Storage expert Randy Kerns explores the importance of lifecycle data management and why vendors need to deliver a timely and effective solution.

  • Disk-to-disk-to-tape makes inroads

    Looking for an effective way to back up remote offices? A disk-to-disk-to-tape (D2D2T) set-up might be an interesting way to go. This tip explores the options of D2D2T.

  • Securing NFS access to NAS devices

    Bits & Bytes: Security expert Vijay Ahuja discusses several approaches to prevent unwarranted user access to NAS devices, when made via the Network File System (NFS).

  • Which SAN cache do you need?

    Beware of data loss in cache.

  • Learning guide to SAN security

    Hackers, snoopers and denial of service attacks are well-known enemies of SAN security. But there are many other threats. Here's a look at other threats and ways to stay secure.

  • Get the picture

    Learn how to do snapshot backups for SQL Server 2000.

  • Save money with tiered storage

    With large differentiations between storage prices, a tiered approach might be best.

  • Comparing SCSI and ATA drives

    Bits & Bytes: Author of "The Backup Book" continues his comparision series by looking at SCSI vs. ATA drives.

  • Can cheap FC HBAs stave off iSCSI?

    Analysts say the price of FC HBAs should be slashed in half in the next 18 months. What is the future of HBAs with the likes of iSCSI moving in fast? Find out here.

  • Serial ATA vs. parallel ATA

    Bits & Bytes: Author of "The Backup Book" Dorian Cougias breaks down the benefits of serial ATA as the storage industry transitions off of parallel ATA.

  • Five rules for migrating from DAS to SAN

    Migrating your data from a DAS storage environment to a SAN can be a difficult process. Here are five rules every storage manager should follow.

  • Prepare a tech-support checklist

    What should be on that list.

  • SLAs without nines

    How to come up with one.

  • Disk/tape on the same HBA? Think again

    Don't connect tape and disk to the same HBA in a SAN.

  • Shared file systems: An overview

    At their core, shared file systems let multiple users access the same files at the same time. Learn about the different products in this space and the categories they fall into.

  • FAQ about the IBM SAN FS

    Here are some answers to questions from the audience of Jamie Gruener's recent Webcast on IBM's SAN FS.

  • Drive detection problems

    Learn what to do when you install a new hard drive into your desktop and it doesn't detect the drive.

  • How tape and the VW Beetle relate

    What do tape and the VW Beetle have in common? Well, each has seen the last of a dying breed roll off their product charts. But, that doesn't mean tape -- or the Beetle -- is dead.

  • How to evaluate file systems

    Looking to file systems to provide better file management and heterogeneous support for your networked storage resources? Analyst Jamie Gruener shares how to go about your search.

  • ATAPI and the 137 GB limit

    If you're running up against the 137 GB disk size limit in Windows, here's help on finding a patch to let you exceed the limit in Windows.