Storage Technology Tips | Page 29


  • Is low-cost FC finally here?

    You've been shelling out a pretty penny for Fibre Channel. But, are those days over? This tip exposes some bargain basement FC options.

  • Establishing strong failover, Pt. 3

    In this last installment, authors and high availability experts spend time describing the critical elements you need to move to the backup or takeover server scenario.

  • RDC vs. SDC replication methods

    Backup and availability experts describe the difference between using a replicated data cluster (RDC) versus a shared data cluster (SDC), and why one is better.

  • Establishing strong failover, Pt. 2

    In the second part of this series, authors and data availability experts provide a basic set of criteria that should be met for a successful server failover to take place.

  • Establishing strong failover, Pt. 1

    In this series, authors and data availability experts Evan Marcus and Hal Stern describe the fundamentals required to establish secure failover and restores when servers fail.

  • Set up RAID on tape

    How do you get better tape performance? Why not try setting up a tape RAID system? This tip explains how to get it done.

  • Storage mgmt: Prepare for the future

    Which trends will impact future storage management efforts? What can you do now to prepare for them? Yankee Group analyst and storage management expert Jamie Gruener explains.

  • New FC-AL technology ushers in SBOD

    New technology puts what amounts to an FC-AL switch and allows the controller to establish point-to-point connections between a storage device and the controller.

  • Resource guide to snapshots

    Learn what the experts are saying about where and when to use snapshot technology as part of your backup and disaster recovery architecture.

  • SATA storage systems

    SATA storage systems and the risk factor

  • Make sure you inventory your tapes

    Some advice on conducting periodic inventories of your tapes.

  • Startups have better NAS alternatives

    Some NAS startups are coming to market with some interesting NAS alternatives that may have the traditional players a bit worried.

  • Managing costs in data protection

    Jon Toigo describes the detailed TCO analysis developed by a storage manager of a high-end banking institution in order to justify the company's costs for data protection.

  • The SNIA shared storage model

    You need to know about this new standard in the market.

  • How will you implement RAID?

    Different ways and tradeoffs for each.

  • Speed up slow IDE backup

    Why it's slow, and what to do.

  • Understand your scheduled backups

    What you can do with them, and what not.

  • Lifecycle data management

    Bits & Bytes: Storage expert Randy Kerns explores the importance of lifecycle data management and why vendors need to deliver a timely and effective solution.

  • Disk-to-disk-to-tape makes inroads

    Looking for an effective way to back up remote offices? A disk-to-disk-to-tape (D2D2T) set-up might be an interesting way to go. This tip explores the options of D2D2T.

  • Securing NFS access to NAS devices

    Bits & Bytes: Security expert Vijay Ahuja discusses several approaches to prevent unwarranted user access to NAS devices, when made via the Network File System (NFS).