• 12 critical disaster recovery teams

    This excerpt discusses the 12 types of teams you should identify and staff ahead of time, as part of efforts to develop an overall disaster recovery plan.

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  • The critical link in mirroring

    It's important it is keep the lines of communication open. The same is true for data mirroring. This tip explains why it's crucial to analyze the quality of your lines.

  • Don't let compliance hinder technology

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  • Is WORM media necessary for archiving?

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  • A two-dimensional approach to security

    In this column, security expert Vijay Ahuja outlines a two-dimensional layered approach to storage security.

  • All aboard the 4 Gb Fibre Channel band

    This tip discusses the benefits associated with new 4Gb Fibre Channel technology, the vendors who support it, when you can expect to see it, and what its potential costs will be.

  • Salary survey insights from TechTarget

    According to the SearchWin2000 salary survey, the top three-paying jobs have to do with managing and manipulating corporate data. Read the rest of the results for more information.

  • Best practices of storage management

    If you're going to try new technologies, you need to implement them with new processes and procedures to maximize their benefits. This tip will show you how.

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    There is much talk about SATA storage taking over SCSI. How does SATA differ in its functionality with SCSI?

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    In this tip, expert Brett Cooper lists several leading areas critical to managing the day-to-day storage environment and a highlights a few improvements of current processes.

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    If you are thinking about implementing iSCSI take a look at our updated guide to iSCSI implementation. Included here: tips and advice on how and were iSCSI can save you money.

  • Chargebacks gain legitimacy

    Thanks in part to improved SRM vendor tools, storage pros are hopping on the "rentable storage" bandwagon by imposing charge backs on their customers--a trend many feel may last.

  • Solid-state storage for SANs?

    Primarily used to improve the performance of e-commerce apps and databases, Solid-State Disks, (SSDs) can also be used to improve the performance of a SAN. This tip explains how.

  • Making sense of intelligent switches

    Storage industry analysts critique various new intelligent switches in production.

  • Looking ahead at 2004

    Jamie Gruener gives suggestions on how to better manage your storage environment in the year ahead, and offers preditctions and New Years's resolutions designed to help you do so.