Storage Technology Tips | Page 24


  • Test your SAN cool

    Infrared scanners can help you troubleshoot your SAN quickly and cheaply.

  • Integrated storage blades

    Using blade servers? A new generation of tightly-integrated storage blades may make sense in I/O intensive environments and encourage diskless booting.

  • Snapshots for end-user file recovery

    Is end-user file recovery a godsend or a potential disaster?

  • How to tweak Ethernet for iSCSI SANs

    Even gigabit Ethernet needs some tweaking for best performance in applications like iSCSI SANs.

  • Do SAN management tools help?

    SAN management tools can be useful, provided you're aware of their limitations and the needs of your specific environment.

  • How to test your UPS

    Uninterruptible Power Supplies are extremely rugged beasts -- which is both good news and bad news for storage administrators who rely on them.

  • The smart way to lease storage

    If you're thinking about leasing storage technology, you'll want to check out this tip before you sign anything.

  • How to determine acceptable data loss

    The first thing you need to do when creating a disaster recovery plan is to figure out what you can afford to lose.

  • Preventing problems in SATA drives

    Problems in SATA drives generally stem from one of two causes. This tip will tell you how to prevent both.

  • Microsoft supports iSCSI SAN clusters

    Microsoft is supporting iSCSI SANs using more than two clusters, but only under certain conditions.

  • Steeling SATA for duty

    SATA drives don't have the same reliability as SCSI or Fibre Channel drives, but vendors are working to improve the situation.

  • Storage intelligence

    Where is the best place to embed storage intelligence into the network? The following guidelines will help you decide.

  • Is the blush off the storage rose?

    The current state of the storage market may be bad news for vendors, but it could be good news for consumers who are looking to outfox vendor lock-in strategies.

  • How to troubleshoot SANs using WWN zon

    Identifying devices by their World Wide Name (WWN) when setting up zones on a SAN makes configuration easier, but it also provides some maintenance and troubleshooting advantages.

  • Dual plugs prevent failure

    Dual-plug storage products prevent one of the most common causes of SAN failure: Pulling the plug.

  • How to help your SAN keep its cool

    To find out how hot your SAN actually is, you have to do more than measure the temperature in the server room.

  • Advanced RAID functions

    Part one introduced you to hot swapping, online capacity expansion and online RAID level migration. Part two exposes you to N-way mirroring, splitting and hiding and more.

  • How to raise storage visibility

    How do you justify the criticality of the needs of the storage management team to get the resources that you need?

  • Should you choose a SATA-based array?

    The new, "cheap" SATA drives may not be as cost-effective as you think.

  • Enterprise-class RAID functions

    This column explains these less familiar enterprise-class RAID features, starting with a set of features that ensure system uptime and flexibility.