Storage Technology Tips | Page 19


  • CDP: Super snapshots -- eventually

    This tip details two different definitions of CDP, the offerings from vendors in each camp and how continuous data protection differs from snapshots.

  • RAID-53: What is it?

    RAID 53 has a much higher transaction rate than RAID 3, which is achieved by striping the data across multiple RAID 3 arrays.

  • What SRM means to you

    Vendors have just about given up on monolithic SRM applications, but that doesn't mean that companies aren't using SRM.

  • SMI-S: Gaining acceptance among users

    SMI-S is gaining acceptance among users, but until vendors offer products with complete capabilities, full-scale adoption could be a way off.

  • How to make Windows work for you

    Windows often gets a bad rap when it comes to storage, but you can tap into Windows' hidden resources to make it more enterprise-worthy.

  • Checklist: Zone your SAN in five steps

    Learn how to develop an effective zoning plan and implement it with a minimum of hassle.

  • How to choose a backup reporting tool

    Backup reporting tools help track backup failures and determine their causes. This tip offers tips on choosing the right tool for your organization.

  • SATA drives ready for the enterprise?

    SATA drives are great low-cost alternatives to expensive Fibre Channel (FC) and drives, and new technologies are bringing SATA up to enterprise-class standards.

  • How to select storage management tools

    This tip offers information about various types of storage management tools, and how to choose the right ones for your needs.

  • How to select disk drives for DBMS

    This tip offers suggestions about what to take into account when choosing disks for database management systems.

  • How to use NAS gateways

    Managing files has become a big headache for enterprises. Here's how to manage NAS gateways as the move out of the array and onto the network.

  • RAID form factors shrink, market grows

    RAID adoption continues to grow as form factors get ever smaller.

  • Create a business continuity plan

    In today's business environment, the only acceptable data loss is none at all. Find out how to create a business continuity plan that really works.

  • Rescue stranded storage

    How SRM products can help you discover capacity that isn't accessible to an array.

  • RAID-3: What is it good for?

    You don't hear much about RAID-3, but it has its uses. Find out when to use RAID-3 and why.

  • Five ways to secure iSCSI

    Storage expert Stephen Foskett outlines five specific ways to secure an iSCSI SAN.

  • When to use host-based replication

    Host-based replication is often used in smaller environments or on a departmental basis.

  • EMC TOEs the iSCSI line

    Target-side TCP/IP Offload Engine chips have arrived, but the jury is still out on whether you should care.

  • How to choose e-mail archiving tools

    In this condensed article, Contoural Inc., a Los Altos, Calif.-based storage consulting company, makes recommendations on how to approach this task.

  • D2D2T a nice compromise

    Tape is no longer synonymous with backup, but don't count it out just yet. Many of the current disk-based backup offerings still rely heavily on the old standby.