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  • April 28, 2016 28 Apr'16

    FalconStor's playing beat the clock with FreeStor

    The bad news for FalconsStor is it lost $3.2 million last quarter. If there is good news, it’s that its new FreeStor software is picking up OEM and managed service provider (MSP) customers and ...

  • April 25, 2016 25 Apr'16

    Virtualized applications and storage don't always mesh

    Legacy storage technology wasn't designed to support multiple virtualized applications competing for simultaneous I/O. Tintri's Dan Florea explains how to get from mess to mesh.

  • April 13, 2016 13 Apr'16

    FalconStor FreeStor gets juiced up with analytics

    The FreeStor Analytics upgrade integrates code licensed from Cumulus Logic to aid in capacity planning, service-level management and storage health monitoring.

  • March 16, 2016 16 Mar'16

    SIOS iQ learns new VMware storage analysis tricks

    SIOS upgraded its analytics software which now offers an enhanced capacity planning tool and root cause analysis capability that are viewed via a simple graphical interface.

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  • Planning for storage volume in the containerized world

    Containers are everywhere. But do they meet organizations' storage needs? Continue Reading

  • Container trends fuel storage needs

    In life as in technology, there is no free lunch. We've seen this time and again. Every time a technology seems to be too good to be true, we do a little digging, and it turns out we were right.

    Containers are just the latest example of a technology that IT must scrutinize. Sure, containers offer a ton of benefits -- density, portability and low-cost -- but what's the catch? Storage may very well be it.

    And now that more IT organizations are "doing" DevOps, it's become clear that DevOps isn't some magic pixie dust whose mere mention makes everything right with the world. Meanwhile, over in the cloud, enterprises have learned that it's not all sunshine and roses. Notably, it's dawned on them that migrating legacy applications to an infrastructure as a service provider like AWS or Google Cloud Platform can be more trouble than it's worth.

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  • Converged vs. hyper-converged options: Starting the search

    Analyst George Crump outlines the benefits and drawbacks of converged and hyper-converged architectures to help first-time buyers select the most effective system. Continue Reading

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  • A CTO's vetting process for hyper-converged architectures

    Hyper-converged architectures: CTO and SearchCIO columnist Niel Nickolaisen lays out the five critical questions he asked before taking the plunge. Continue Reading

  • The state of the software-defined storage market

    The software-defined storage market is getting a lot of attention these days, piquing the interest of budget-challenged storage managers. But the lure of software running on the cheap may be misleading if you're not ready for some DIY or to sacrifice some of the features you come to expect in storage systems. We profile the various iterations of software-defined storage, and offer detailed pros and cons of each.

    Some say that archiving is one of the key killer apps that will make cloud storage a popular option. There are some compelling advantages to shipping unused data off site, but you need to know about the sometimes subtle differences among these services.

    In our 10th Quality Awards for NAS systems, we had one surprise winner -- Synology -- and a NAS pioneer returning to the winner's circle after a short absence -- NetApp. Read about how your peers rank NAS products for their service, support and reliability.

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  • What data storage virtualization looks like today

    Storage virtualization gives administrators more flexibility when provisioning by aggregating storage capacity. Today, storage virtualization technologies do even more. Continue Reading

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