Storage virtual networks


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  • Here's where software-defined storage fits

    Any organization serious about building and maintaining a useful virtualized environment is concerned whether its IT investments are able to respond to advancements in cloud computing, software-defined storage, storage virtualization, converged infrastructure and other emerging data center technologies. Software-defined storage, in particular, has become one of the most discussed topics in the data center and virtualization sectors.

    This chapter looks specifically at how products in the software-defined storage category can make the management of storage less complicated, and, if properly implemented, can position a data center at the leading edge of technology for the foreseeable future. What's needed is a plan to create a virtualized infrastructure that’s sufficiently adaptable to future requirements. IT teams devote considerable time and precious IT dollars to making sure their virtualized infrastructure is efficient. They can't afford to find themselves with an environment that carries a high total cost of ownership or that can't adapt to change. Decisions about storage are an integral part of this process, and software-defined storage provides the type of flexibility that appeals to IT decision-makers interested in future-proofing an infrastructure.

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  • Hyper-converged storage systems=Storage + Compute + Networking

    Hyper-converged storage systems are preconfigured and integrated clusters of servers that share their internal storage. They boast convenience and flexibility, allowing rapid deployment of applications like databases and virtual desktop infrastructure. Hyper-converged bundles have limitations, however, such as scalability and the fact that they’re closed, siloed systems.

    Many companies now realize they have an untapped resource in their backup datastores. Backup data is often the most complete collection of corporate data. Backup vendors and others are now developing tools to access and use that data, turning what was once just insurance against disaster into a strategic corporate asset.

    Flash storage equals performance, and to squeeze out the ultimate IOPS, it should be installed directly in the server. We describe the alternatives, weighing their effectiveness and making use-case recommendations.

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