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  • Storage magazine chooses its 2014 data storage products of the year

    In the 12th edition of the Storage magazine/ Products of the Year, we highlight 19 excellent data storage products in six categories. Our qualification process is unique -- vendors can only enter products that were newly introduced or significantly updated in the past year. As such, winners are a mix of veteran vendors and precocious upstarts that have rolled out impressive wares. We profile the winners and salute all 55 finalists.

    Software-defined storage is a hot topic these days, but what does it really suggest? If you’re looking for a storage DIY project, here’s everything you need to know before rolling up your sleeves.

    Where to stash archive data has always been an issue. You can copy it to tape and vault the tapes offsite, but retrieving data is slow and risky. Keeping it on disk is costly and wastes data center real estate. Cloud archive services can be the perfect remedy.

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  • Network Innovation Award: Dell breaks mold with Dell/Cumulus partnership

    Dell wins this month's Network Innovation Award from SearchNetworking for its partnership with Cumulus Networks, in which Dell became the first mainstream switch vendor to permit third-party OSes to run on its switches. Continue Reading

  • Security Readers' Choice Awards 2014: Threat intelligence tools

    Readers vote on the best threat intelligence products of 2014. Continue Reading

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