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  • Beat performance monitoring hurdles in single-page interface world

    This podcast discusses how frameworks like AngularJS have simplified the creation of single-page interface applications, but have created new performance monitoring challenges. Continue Reading

  • Working with schedules in vRealize Operations Manager

    When should an administrator avoid regular schedules when using a management application such as vRealize Operations Manager? Continue Reading

  • Best practices for effective server virtualization

    The advantages of virtualizing server workloads may be firmly established, but proper planning, provisioning and performance monitoring remain critical to effective server virtualization management. This three-part guide provides expert guidance on virtualization strategies, along with tactical advice on making sure your virtualized environment is working at an optimum level. SearchServerVirtualization contributors offer up insight on how to improve virtual machine (VM) provisioning, which data center tasks benefit from automation -- and which do not -- as well as a rundown of common trouble spots that can diminish the effectiveness of a server virtualization project. VM sprawl, for instance, is an all-too-easy trap to stumble into. Other potential trouble spots, such as resource contention and high availability for mission-critical machines, must be navigated around. The challenge is getting virtualization right, so that costs are contained and performance is optimized. Continue Reading

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