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  • Will anyone buy Moka5?

    Client-side virtualization company Moka5 has laid off most of its staff, and word is that the company is looking to be acquired. Because of overlap, VMware and Citrix are non-factors, which leaves companies like Dell and ThinSpace as prime suspects. Continue Reading

  • VDI plants the seeds for desktops in the cloud

    VDI may never see adoption rates over 20% because it takes a lot of upfront investment and on-site expertise. That adds up to big bucks, for many companies. But DaaS offloads the hardware and skills-based requirements that it takes to do VDI and sends them to the cloud, at a price that’s far more affordable than traditional virtual desktop infrastructure. But that doesn't mean that DaaS will be the death of VDI; the two technologies serve different use cases. Continue Reading

  • Q&A: Marcus Ranum chats with AT&T's CSO Ed Amoroso

    There's no shortage of new security technology, but enterprise integration is still a major hang-up, says AT&T's chief of security. Continue Reading

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