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  • CA UIM network performance monitor: product overview

    CA Technologies' network performance monitoring products include CA UIM, which supports a variety of features, including network performance and availability management. Continue Reading

  • Object storage market vendors give NAS a nudge

    In this issue of Storage magazine, we examine object storage's scalability, resiliency, accessibility, security and manageability. Object storage is the foundation of cloud storage due to its greater scalability and resiliency over traditional file-based storage, and now a growing list of vendors in the object storage market are delivering object products intended to replace overtaxed NAS systems.

    Pricing and capacity make the public cloud a viable alternative to local backups. Where you run your apps and what data you need to back up are key factors when balancing the pros and cons of running backups locally or using the cloud as a backup target or a tier in a hybrid arrangement.

    Traditional storage platforms aren't up to the task of maintaining data lakes, which are most commonly associated with Hadoop architectures. But storage vendors now offer HDFS support that enables Hadoop processing using more traditional storage infrastructures.

     Continue Reading

  • Examining the IBM PureData System for Analytics appliance

    Powered by Netezza technology, the IBM PureData System for Analytics data warehouse appliance enables users to execute complex queries and get results quickly. Continue Reading

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