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  • Navigate backup, disaster recovery and archive convergence

    There is now considerable overlap in storage among data backup, disaster recovery and archive. This e-book discusses the advantages and issues that come from a convergence of data backup, disaster recovery and archiving. Organizations should consider convergence as a potential financial and storage space benefit.

    The first chapter of this e-book provides tools for how to make backup and primary storage convergence work for your organization. These tools include continuous data protection, also known as continuous backup. CDP's biggest advantage is that it keeps a record of every transaction in the enterprise.

    As another example of the ongoing merger of data backup, disaster recovery and archive, while backup and disaster recovery largely used to be considered separate functions, they are converging. The second chapter of this e-book explains how and why this is occurring, and what it could mean for you. Indeed, much of this backup-disaster recovery convergence is the result of snapshot, replication and virtualization making it possible for disaster recovery without data restoration.

    Yet another example of convergence is occurring with backup and archiving, thanks to software and hardware advancements. The third chapter of this e-book explains the benefits and challenges of converging the two disciplines. You'll learn how much data you should retain and for how long you need to keep it, as well as the products that make it all possible.

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  • What are some Office 365 disaster recovery best practices?

    Microsoft's guidelines for Office 365 disaster recovery and backup can be vague at times. Expert Brien Posey discusses the vendor's policies and what users need to be aware of. Continue Reading

  • Multiple hypervisors and issues with backup applications

    Backup and recovery on multiple hypervisors is possible, but you need to be aware of three major challenges with this setup. Continue Reading

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