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  • July 22, 2016 22 Jul'16

    Broadcom samples HBAs that support FC-NVMe to OEMs

    The pieces are starting to fall into place for even higher performing flash storage with lower latency through the use of Nonvolatile Memory Express (NVMe) over Fibre Channel (FC). Broadcom (part ...

  • July 22, 2016 22 Jul'16

    SolidFire partners linking up with NetApp channel program

    NetApp and SolidFire, a flash storage vendor acquired earlier this year, are in the process of integrating their channel programs and partner ecosystems.

  • July 19, 2016 19 Jul'16

    IBM storage revs spin into double-digit decline

    IBM’s disk array business took another hit last month, with storage hardware decreasing 13% as the company looks to shift its emphasis to flash and software-defined storage. “Storage value is ...

  • July 19, 2016 19 Jul'16

    New Brocade director supports Gen 6 Fibre Channel

    Brocade ships new 32 Gbps Gen 6 Fibre Channel directors and extension blades targeting faster flash storage systems, and it adds new IO and VM Insight monitoring capabilities.

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  • To improve hospital data storage, facilities fire up flash technology

    As petabytes of data make hospital data storage a struggle for health systems, flash storage technology holds promise -- and in some cases, pulls ahead of the cloud. Continue Reading

  • Server-side flash storage technology basks in spotlight

    Dennis Martin walks you through the flash technology advancements that are helping make server-side storage challenges a thing of the past. Continue Reading

  • Server-side flash technology lifts solid-state adoption

    Server-side solid-state storage is more ubiquitous than ever due to growing capacities and rapidly dropping flash technology prices. There are a many ways to install flash technology in a server, though there are decisions to make before you buy. We examine flash technology form factors, interfaces, protocols and capacities, as well as use cases, advantages and limitations.

    Disk-based backups revolutionized data protection. While far more expensive to deploy and maintain than tape, a growing list of vendors are consolidating backup with other secondary storage requirements into appliances that make disk-based backup more cost-effective.

    Although tape may no longer be the storage medium of choice for backup and disaster recovery, it still has a solid place in enterprises as an archive tier and as a transportation and sharing format for certain industries. In this issue of Storage magazine, we explore the state of the art of tape and its potential use cases today.

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  • Avoid telehealth technology roadblocks with flash storage

    The amount and format of clinical information running through telehealth technology can lead to video conferencing hiccups. Flash storage is an option to consider in such cases. Continue Reading

  • Storage in a container: Dealing with Docker storage

    Docker is the de facto standard for the relatively new application and development and deployment system known as containerization. By nature ephemeral, Docker storage containers bring about a multitude of new challenges regarding data storage and protection, portability and persistence, legacy storage connectivity and more.

    With storage budgets growing and new products, architectures and methodologies taking hold, the annual Storage magazine/SearchStorage purchasing survey reveals lengthier shopping lists that deviate a bit from the recent past. As with earlier surveys, the results provide insight into the adoption of developing storage categories: hyper-converged systems, object-based storage and all-flash arrays.

    Virtualization, speedy flash storage and data-hungry applications challenge fabrics like never before. Thankfully, there are a number of important advances to storage interface and networking technologies to help keep data storage traffic moving bottleneck to storage fabrics from happening.

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  • Solid-state storage device buyers want performance

    As solid-state storage devices become more commonplace in storage shops, the amount implemented and its use cases are growing, too. Continue Reading

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