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  • Everything you need to know about storage snapshots

    The role of storage snapshots in data protection is growing. Essentially, groups of disk blocks -- physical in an array or virtualized within a software-defined storage or virtual appliance -- storage snapshots embody what a file system or volume looked like at a specific moment. So if you are performing instant recovery, flat backup or any type of continuous data protection, storage snapshots are going to be a part of the picture.

    Switching cloud storage providers isn't often a breeze, and one of the biggest headaches of all when doing so is data migration -- especially if you've got hundreds of terabytes, or even petabytes, of data stashed away. Fortunately, there are tools, approaches and third parties that can ease the transition process.

    Technology convergence in the modern data center is reshaping traditional IT jobs and responsibilities. Consequently, storage know-how, while still very valuable, is no longer the only area of expertise a storage professional needs to be proficient in to succeed. The good news is there are plenty of ways to take your career into your own hands to adapt to this new reality.

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  • Networked cloud emerges to meet evolving infrastructure needs

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    AWS replaced EC2-Classic instances with Virtual Private Cloud to help enterprises better secure networks and resources. Here's how the two instances differ and how to migrate to VPC.Continue Reading

  • Use log analysis tools to help you find problems in your data center

    Log analysis tools do the heavy lifting when it comes to identifying the root cause of issues occurring in your data center, but they come with their own challenges.Continue Reading

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  • CFOs see maturity of ERP in the cloud as grounds for migration

    The cloud has engulfed many a business application over the past few years. Companies are developing more confidence in vacating the premises and migrating to a place where they believe their processes can be managed with greater flexibility, less expensively and, yes, just as securely as on the ground. However, ERP processes have been among the laggards in cloud migration, and for good reason. Many CFOs have had concerns about compliance, security, data access, moving legacy data to a new platform and immature financial capabilities in cloud systems. But CFO resistance is softening as some of these long-time barriers to cloud adoption are now some of the principal drivers encouraging CFOs to embrace ERP in the cloud. A Gartner survey shows that 47% of responding organizations plan to move core ERP systems to the cloud within the next few years.

    This handbook examines the benefits and disadvantages of doing just that. In the first feature, writer Beth Stackpole reports that CFOs confronted with the limitations of on-premises ERP are being drawn in by the new capabilities of ERP in the cloud platforms, including analytics, performance dashboards, more sophisticated planning and modeling, and support for mobility. In the second feature, writer Alan Joch points out that newer, more agile companies migrating financials to the cloud can gain an advantage over established companies whose highly customized premises ERP systems, once considered leading edge, are quickly turning into legacy systems. And in the third feature, Joch talks with CFOs who explain why cloud financials became a solid choice after outgrowing their old systems and overcoming concerns about cloud security, data access and functional depth.

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