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  • April 14, 2015 14 Apr'15

    Universal OpenStack adoption becoming a pipe dream

    Despite backing from major industry players like IBM and HP, OpenStack hasn't met expectations. So what's holding it back?

  • April 09, 2015 09 Apr'15

    CipherCloud launches free cloud compliance resource center

    CipherCloud's new Global Compliance Resource Center aims to clear up the confusion around global compliance and data privacy protection laws as they pertain to the cloud.

  • April 09, 2015 09 Apr'15

    Informatica partners assess impact of leveraged buyout

    Informatica's channel partners consider how the leveraged buyout by private equity will impact their businesses and discuss the company's transition to the cloud.

  • April 07, 2015 07 Apr'15

    Windows Azure emerges as an improved cloud option

    In companies where Windows already has a strong foothold, the Microsoft Azure platform has gained ground against its top competitors. Microsoft has recently added notable features, such as security and container technologies, which are expected to further adoption. This handbook looks specifically at what has changed to cause IT professionals to take a fresh look at Azure. It provides insight into how updates to Microsoft Azure might prove useful, what administrators need to know about Azure management tools, where Azure stacks up against its rivals, and its viability as a hybrid cloud option for business. When it comes to operating systems, IT decision-makers know they can trust Microsoft. That faith, however, does not automatically extend to the cloud. Users want to see for themselves how Azure compares with other cloud providers and if it logically fits into an overall IT environment.

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  • Signs it may be time to adopt a hybrid cloud strategy

    The cloud is gaining traction, but the public cloud raises security concerns. Learn why a hybrid cloud strategy can offer businesses more benefits. Continue Reading

  • Survive and thrive in cloud DevOps

    Research shows that more companies are adopting DevOps, or the blending of an organization’s application development and systems operations teams. Cloud DevOps is a natural fit for many organizations because it enables faster development and deployment of applications.

    So how is cloud DevOps winning people over?In this three-part guide, SearchAWS contributors explore how companies are embracing cloud DevOps. First, Valerie Silverthorne talks to industry experts about how cloud DevOps can make life easier for IT teams and developers. Next, Dan Sullivan goes over AWS OpWorks and its impact on security. George Lawton closes with a look at how security operations management can improve security on AWS applications. Continue Reading

  • Exchange 2013 CU8 includes Public Folder and EAS fixes

    The recent Exchange 2013 cumulative update includes improved features for Public Folders and Exchange ActiveSync. Continue Reading

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