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  • The adoption of cloud in healthcare from a CIO's view

    CIO Harun Rashid discusses the adoption of cloud in healthcare as well as the barriers and concerns many health IT professionals have when it comes to cloud computing. Continue Reading

  • Wave Analytics Cloud not yet at its crest

    Analytics is such a fundamental part of doing business today that even providers not known for the service are jumping into the game. That's what customer relationship management provider Salesforce did when it announced the Wave Analytics Cloud in the fall of 2014. The tool provides new opportunities for Salesforce users to gain insights from data quickly and on the road.

    This handbook looks at what Wave has to offer and what's preventing some consumers from shelling out for the platform. In the first article, Lauren Horwitz reports on user impressions and tips for working with the Wave Analytics Cloud. Horwitz then examines key upgrades to Wave that are making it more user-friendly. In spite of the changes, hurdles -- in the form of cost and other available tools -- remain. Adam Bataran closes out the handbook with tips for organizations that aren't sure about Salesforce Wave but want to get their feet wet.

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  • How hybrid cloud adoption impacts ALM

    Learn how to update ALM processes in preparation for hybrid cloud adoption. Continue Reading

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  • How the virtualization system administrator job is changing

    Getting into the IT field can be challenging, but candidates with diverse technical interests and a desire to learn can succeed. Continue Reading

  • White box servers turning tide back toward private cloud

    Offering an affordable alternative to most vendor-branded servers, white box systems could lure some enterprises out of the public cloud and back into private environments. Continue Reading

  • Cloud data management keeps companies grounded

    What separates cloud data management from on-premises tools isn't just a lot of hot air. Some of the much-heralded benefits that the cloud offers are cost savings and increased flexibility. At the same time, database managers that turn to the cloud must be prepared to control their new investment and keep information from floating away and getting lost in the atmosphere.

    The three articles in this handbook can help. Consultant David Loshin starts off with a heed to track where information is being dispersed and offers advice on tools that can help. Reporter Jack Vaughan provides readers with a touchstone in the story of one company that is doing cloud data management. And consultant David A. Teich ends with a piece on the effect of the cloud on BI processes.

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  • Do you love the cloud, but for the wrong reason?

    I do not subscribe to the idea that cutting costs should be the primary reason for moving to the cloud. Cloud computing is a means to an end, not a business strategy unto itself. You embrace the ... Continue Reading

  • Office 365 cloud services encounter turbulence

    Microsoft Office 365 cloud services are gaining momentum and projected to be the future leader in cloud computing deployments, according to one survey. But getting up there won't be easy. An Office 365 migration to the cloud requires moving content and collaboration applications, which compels organizations to retool processes and prep content for migration. In many cases, Microsoft customers aren't ready for the cloud, or they're forced to keep their data on premises because of compliance requirements, industry regulations or data security issues. But that hasn't stopped Microsoft from introducing new cloud-based enterprise content management and collaboration tools that are viewed by some as a step forward and by others as simply overlapping SharePoint's features.

    In this three-part handbook, industry analyst and consultant Peter O'Kelly suggests that migrating to Office 365 cloud services makes sense for companies trying to keep pace with the next phase of cloud-based document sharing and collaboration. But at times, the migration may not be pretty. Nathan Lamb then writes that Microsoft needs to straddle the line by keeping on-premises customers happy while offering viable cloud-based alternatives. And since Microsoft's entry into cloud computing depends on the success of Office 365 and its productivity tools, Lamb and executive editor Lauren Horwitz present the unabashed opinions of leading Microsoft product analysts, who dissect some of Office 365's latest cloud-based product offerings.

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  • Azure disaster recovery: Best practices for restoring VMs

    With Azure VM backup, virtual machines can run in the cloud while a business gets back on its feet. But there are two key considerations to keep in mind. Continue Reading

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