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  • Desktop management tools still an IT staple

    Despite predictions of impending doom, the decline in hardware sales for desktops and laptops just means that the many people who still use them need good software and high reliability more than ever. This chapter of the Endpoint Management e-book explains the most common features available in desktop management tools, their benefits and limitations, and best practices for ensuring IT derives as much value as possible. Readers will also learn about the five areas where desktop management tools can provide the most benefits -- inventory, monitoring, software deployment, patching and security -- and get overviews of some of the different types of products available. Certain tools only manage specific processes, while others offer enterprise-scale support. Some run on-premises, while others are in the cloud. Continue Reading

  • Meeting the demands of mobility with DevOps best practices

    More companies are turning to DevOps to help develop, provision and mange mobile applications, but a solid DevOps strategy can be challenging. Continue Reading

  • BYOD best practices call for mobility governance team

    In part two of this webcast series, enterprise mobility expert Bryan Barringer discusses BYOD best practices to confront the challenges that accompany mobility. Continue Reading

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