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News Feb 19, 2013

NetApp flash strategy unveiled, including FlashRay all-SSD system

NetApp flash strategy includes a FlashRay all-SSD system built from the ground up and another based on its E-Series platform. Continue Reading


Evaluate May 27, 2014

NetApp has one all-flash array with mainstream FlashRay on the way

NetApp still hasn't delivered FlashRay -- its flagship all-flash array -- but has two EF all-flash models for high performance. Continue Reading


Jun 17, 2014

NetApp adds all-flash FAS array system that isn't FlashRay

Along with new 'extreme' high-end and entry-level FAS arrays, NetApp adds all-flash FAS array systems -- but still no FlashRay. Continue Reading


News Jun 17, 2014

NetApp upgrades high, low and all-flash FAS array systems

Along with new 'extreme' high-end and entry-level FAS arrays, NetApp adds all-flash FAS array systems -- but still no FlashRay. Continue Reading


Feb 19, 2013

NetApp launches first all-flash array and new operating system

NetApp dips its toe in the all-flash array market with adapted E-Series, announces a ‘new’ OS and revamps high-end FAS6200 arrays with flash options rather than default Continue Reading


News Oct 11, 2013

Dell pushes flash Compellent storage array into service

Dell gets into the all-flash game with Compellent storage array that mixes SLC and MLC drives with the option of using hard drives in hybrid setup. Continue Reading


News Jun 17, 2013

Intel S3500 Series SSDs intended for cloud computing

The Intel S3500 Series lineup of solid-state drives is intended to move data centers to an all-SSD model. Continue Reading


Dec 28, 2013

Top 10 storage stories of 2013

Users tackle virtualisation and growth of data and suppliers battle over flash storage and software-defined storage, while big data and hyperscale emerge into the mainstream Continue Reading


Jun 17, 2013

Big storage takes two routes in flash array shakedown

The big storage companies have responded differently to the advent of the flash array. Here we survey the responses so far by the incumbent suppliers to the flash revolution Continue Reading


News Apr 12, 2013

Big Blue's billion-dollar bet on SSD includes all-flash storage array

IBM rolls out FlashSystem all-flash arrays -- rebranded Texas Memory Systems products IBM acquired in 2012 -- as part of an aggressive flash push. Continue Reading