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  • Top tips for software-defined storage infrastructure management

    What you will learn: Software-defined storage can help to make storage more flexible and agile, and provide route management to make the best use of network and fabric connections between physical storage devices and servers. However,...

  • Five top new Windows Server 2012 R2 features for storage management

    The top five Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 features include CSV improvements, storage tiers, write-back cache, automatic rebuild of Storage Spaces and data dedupe of VDI workloads.

    While some critics dismissed Windows Server...

  • Top considerations for deep archive design

    Long-term or "deep" archive is an application with very specific requirements. Building one requires that you address some key design parameters. In this tip, I’ll focus on two considerations: How will you decide what to archive? How will you...

  • Achieving data storage efficiency: Chief challenges, top tools

    Data storage efficiency can affect a number of aspects of a data center -- everything from performance speed to energy costs. Meanwhile,...

  • What is the top storage challenge with in-memory databases?

    In-memory database technology is catching on for its performance and analytics capabilities, but what are some considerations when it comes to choosing storage for such an environment? To find out, SearchStorage asked David Floyer, co-founder...

  • Alexa Top Sites

    Alexa Top Sites is an Amazon Web Service (AWS) that provides lists of the highest-performing websites according to Alexa Traffic Rank algorithm. Sites are ranked on a descending scale, with number one being the top...

  • Next-generation data storage will help IT managers do their jobs

    When storage managers are asked about their challenges, data growth always tops the list. Next-generation storage technology could make a difference.

  • Top treasury management software features for buyers

    What are important features of treasury management software that buyers should look for when purchasing a new system?

    First, don't mistake treasury management...

  • Planning and management for a software-defined storage architecture

    Jon Toigo offers implementation tips to help users avoid vendor lock-in and get top performance from their software-defined storage environments.

  • Barclays ranked top for mobile banking

    UK banks are improving their mobile banking offerings after a slow start, with Barclays top of the bunch, according to Forrester Research

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