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  • Facebook storage: Reviews vary for Blu-ray cold storage, M.2 SSD plans

    Facebook's plans to use Blu-ray discs for cold storage, 'netbook-class' M.2 SSD for booting Web servers draw mixed reviews from analysts, IT pros.

  • System Mechanic 12 Review

    Computer Weekly reviews the System Mechanic 12 designed to keep your PC running at top speed and free from unwanted files.

  • UK to review snooping powers of authorities

    UK Interception of Communications Commissioner Anthony May has launched an investigation into whether there is “institutional overuse” of the power...

  • Using Wireshark: Reviewing four key Wireshark features

    At its root, effective network security is about packet analysis: the ability to distinguish between good packets and bad packets. Obviously many additional layers of complexity must be considered when performing packet analysis, but prudence...

  • 2013 review of the year - part two

    In the second half of our look back over the last year we hear from those that experienced growth as well as some that highlighted the dangers of the demise of 2e2 and the dangers of a turbulent market.

    Andrew Mulholland, Business...

  • Top 10 gadget reviews of 2013

    Here is a roundup of the top ten Inspect-a-gadget reviews to help you decide what to get for Christmas, or what to grab during the January sales

  • 2013 SearchCRM in review