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  • Comparing available deduplication hardware options

    Choosing the right deduplication hardware option requires a comparison of expected savings, performance requirements and storage capacity consumption.

  • Understanding storage options for big data projects

    Ben Woo discusses why some storage options are better for big data than others, and what to consider when carrying out a big data project.

  • Cloud storage options in Scandinavia

    The advantages of cloud storage are flexibility, lower maintenance costs, lower energy bills and freeing up...

  • Data storage options: Exploring clustering, pooling, unified systems

    Storage expert Phil Goodwin discusses several different options for storing large data sets on traditional storage systems.

  • Uses for Hadoop: Exploring the storage, appliance and analytics options

    Hadoop can be a beneficial tool for big data environments, but according to John Webster, a senior partner at Boulder, CO-based Evaluator Group Inc., a lot of the criticism stems from a lack of understanding of the uses for Hadoop. In the...

  • Top options for buying thin client hardware

    There are a lot of options out there for thin client hardware, so get to know a few popular choices that might suit your VDI environment.

  • Ubuntu backup options and tools today

    Independent backup expert Brien Posey discusses the options and tools available for Ubuntu backup today in this Expert Answer.

  • Epson bolsters inkjet options for SMEs

    Epson has reacted to the continued growth in the business inkjet printer market, which has been bolstered by more users turning to the products instead of laser alternatives, rolling out a number of enhancements designed to make it easier for...

  • Storage Roundtable: Cloud options and channel challenges

    The storage world has a mixture of emerging technology and a few old favourites, with some users hanging on to their tape solutions for years while others rush towards the cloud. That makes it an interesting time for the channel, as vendors try...

  • Evaluating VDI storage options

    VDI storage is a growing technology, and there are many options out there. Read this breakdown of the latest advancements to help make your choice.

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