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  • The state of storage network architecture

    Storage networks are struggling with virtualized server environments and flash storage. Your company's storage network may need a major upgrade.

  • Why a big data project requires virtualized data, simplified networks

    When considering goals for a big data project, Neuralytix managing director Ben Woo encourages clients to think of the "ability to associate any piece of data with any application or any context at any time. It gives rise to more opportunity to...

  • Networking server-based storage

    Direct-attached or server-based storage is gaining renewed attention as emerging technologies offer easy ways to pool and share this highly scalable storage resource.

    In recent years, traditional storage systems have been...

  • access network

    An access network is a user network that connects subscribers to a particular service provider and, through the carrier network, to other networks such as the Internet.

  • Figuring out when 16 Gbps Fibre Channel storage networking makes sense

    Does a move to 16 Gbps Fibre Channel storage networking make sense, when some SAN users are hard-pressed to find a need for the bandwidth that 8 Gbps offers?

    Even though 16 Gbps Fibre Channel (FC) products have been shipping for about two...

  • network automation

    Network automation is the use of IT controls to supervise and carry out every-day network management functions.

  • FC technology use still leads despite Ethernet nipping at its heels

    Some have predicted the demise of Fibre Channel for years, but no networking tech has risen above it for mission-critical apps.

  • Fibre Channel adapter

    A Fibre Channel (FC) adapter is a hardware component that provides connectivity from a server to a storage area network (SAN).

  • DDN WOS takes erasure coding global

    DataDirect Networks has expanded its WOS object storage to include global erasure coding and added a lower-cost hardware node for archiving.

  • Data storage infrastructure: 2013 Products of the Year finalists

    The four finalists in the data storage infrastructure category put the "network" in networked storage and help improve storage performance.

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