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  • data migration

    Data migration is the process of transferring data between data storage systems, data formats or computer systems.

  • The essential Office 365 migration guide

    Use this migration guide to learn everything your enterprise needs for migrating to Office 365, including research, decisions and management.

  • Hyper-V live migration

    Hyper-V live migration is a Hyper-V feature that lets admins move running virtual machines from one failover cluster node to a cluster in the same node.

  • SAP landscape cloud migrations increasing, survey finds

    Anyone moving to a hybrid SAP landscape -- but that is hesitant about some of the looming challenges ahead of them as they move to the cloud -- can take heart in a new survey that illustrates how many of their fellow SAP customers are in the same...

  • Businesses accelerate Sepa migrations

    The latest figures from the European Central Bank (ECB) reveal an acceleration of the number of businesses becoming Single Euro Payments Area (Sepa) compliant. 

    Figures for December show that 74% of businesses are now compliant with...

  • Consumption model makes or breaks cloud migration

    Enterprises that migrate to the cloud assume the path they choose -- whether private or public -- will be cost-effective in the long term.

    That isn't always the case.

    An enterprise that doesn't carefully weigh its consumption...

  • Data Dynamics resurrects StorageX for file migration

    Data Dynamics buys intellectual property of Brocade's StorageX file virtualization software, develops its file migration and management capabilities.

  • Why did my migrated mailbox disappear?

    If a mailbox doesn't show up in the Exchange Control Panel after a migration, some simple factors could make it look like it went missing.

  • Glyndebourne opera house migrates to Google Apps

    Glyndebourne opera house recently migrated more than 200 employees to Google Apps for applications such as mail, business workflow and storage

  • Specialized networks key part of IoT migration

    Through most of its history, the Internet has been limited to connecting people and applications. Now, advances in semiconductor technology have made it possible to embed a powerful processor and a network interface in everyday objects. This...

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