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  • Troubleshooting datacentre management issues

    A datacentre is a complex environment, and despite the best efforts of vendors, many organisations and datacentre facility owners still seem to be struggling with management and control issues.

    With the dependency that organisations now...

  • File storage and management issues growing, but mostly under control

    Respondents to our latest survey tell us the biggest problem they have with file storage and management is backup. Find out what approaches they're using to manage file storage.

    Ask 10 storage managers what their biggest headache...

  • Revoked certificates cause issues after Heartbleed

    Since the announcement of Heartbleed, a serious flaw that could allow an attacker to access passwords, encryption keys and other information sent to a server using OpenSSL,...

  • Backup issues associated with Kerberos authentication

    Independent backup expert Brien Posey discusses how Kerberos authentication can impact backup and what can be done to mitigate these issues.

  • What scaling and protection issues exist in virtual server technology?

    What are the scalability and data protection issues associated with virtual server technology? Can hypervisor-aware storage systems play a role?

    In a product evaluation, questions about the target market, the ability to scale...

  • Businesses look for tech solutions to big data security issues

    Toward the end of the 1990s, the European Union passed the Data Protection Directive, which essentially declares privacy a human right. The law presented a major data management challenge to multinational corporations: how to manage data sets...

  • Server management tools shed light on data center issues

    IT managers responsible for reliable, speedy and cost-effective computing don't track all data center operations. Server management tools explore and collect buried information on data center processes. By exploring management software options,...

  • Flash storage technology decisions

    Just about as quickly as we learn the merits of a new solid-state form factor, a new one appears. While the use and location of spinning disk storage is limited, solid-state offers a number of deployment and form-factor alternatives, including...

  • Colt issues profit warning as voice revenues slump

    Networking services provider Colt has issued a stark profit warning as contraction in sales of its enterprise Voice Services and flat growth on Network Services caused its Q1 EBITDA to drop by 8% to €74.1m...

  • Cloud computing issues and challenges: The GRC factor

    In our latest #GRCchat, tweet jammers discussed cloud computing issues and challenges and explained how governance, risk and compliance factor in.

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