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  • Object storage systems come of age

    Object storage is sizzling hot, with technologists calling it the necessary building block for efficient cloud storage and big data projects. As awareness grows about the importance of object-based storage, so does the list of questions from some...

  • SAP vs. Oracle: Who comes out ahead?

    ERP implementations come down to a lot of things like risk, scalability, cost and duration. So who comes out ahead in an SAP vs. Oracle matchup?

  • Google Drive, Salesforce come together, other news

    Users of Google Drive and Salesforce can now use Cirrus Files, a new app from

  • Good things come in small (data) packages

    Now that CIOs have come to accept the term "big data," another term is gaining traction: small data. The two might appear to occupy opposite ends of the same spectrum, but that's not entirely accurate. Small data tends to refer to data volume;...

  • CWwomen: Come as you are, do what you love – Microsoft

    Dr Nicola Hodson - General Manager, Marketing & Operations Microsoft 

    Come as you are, do what you love

    Hear from Nicola about Life@Microsoft, how they are driving inclusion by talking...

  • Mobile personalization is coming to an app near you

    BOSTON -- Mobile personalization used to be synonymous with recommending restaurants based on a person's location (think the early years of Zaggat), but boy, will it go further. That was the message from a panel of mobile app experts at the...

  • Switching cloud storage service providers comes at a cost

    Analyst George Crump explains the best way to deal with the upfront costs and security issues that come with switching cloud storage providers.

  • The mobile customer experience comes first

    As innovations such as the connected car become more commonplace in the consumer marketplace, enterprise CIOs are taking a whole new look at their mobile customer experience strategy. In this issue of CIO Decisions e-zine, SearchCIO looks at...

  • Enterprise data migration: Where the cloud comes in

    A client of mine recently faced the twin challenges of replacing its aging ERP system and improving its content-based business processes to accommodate its recent explosive growth. Everyone had opinions on what kinds of software to acquire and...

  • Department of Health sets out technology priorities for coming year

    The Department of Health (DoH) has outlined changes in the way technology and information will be used over the coming year

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