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Yosemite Technologies FileKeeper Corporate

With so much emphasis on protecting data on enterprise systems, we sometimes overlook one of the largest repositories of information: desktop and laptop PCs, which typically hold at least 50% of a company's intellectual property.

Last February, Yosemite Technologies Inc. acquired FileKeeper, a slick CDP app that runs on laptop/desktop computers and uses a technique called file-level differencing to capture only the changes to a file each time it's saved. The various file versions are stored in a Data Vault that can be local, on a network drive or even on removable media; Data Vaults on networked storage can even be backed up. Recoveries are a snap and don't require IT's involvement because FileKeeper integrates with Windows Explorer.

FileKeeper offers some corporate-class features, such as central administration and automated installation. It supports policies so firms can uniformly enforce data-retention policies for end-user generated files. Purchased in a 100-pack, you can get FileKeeper for a starting price of approximately $19 per user; add a maintenance plan and the price per user is approximately $25. That seems like a small price to pay to protect all that company data.

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