XOsoft Assured Recovery

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Backup and disaster recovery software

Silver Award:

XOsoft Assured Recovery

XOsoft nabbed the top spot in this category in last year's awards, and solidifies its position as one of the top backup and recovery software vendors with a return visit to our honor roll. XOsoft's Assured Recovery builds on the company's winner from last year, its WANsyncHA remote replication application, with a new tool that monitors the health of a DR system.

Assured Recovery conducts behind-the-scenes DR testing to ensure that replica systems can come online as planned and lets a storage manager know if the application at the backup site runs properly. Because it doesn't require any server reboots or application stops and starts, it's not disruptive to production environments. Assured Recovery runs on top of XOsoft's WANsync or WANsyncHA, and is available for Exchange, Oracle and SQL Server.

The most commonly cited reasons for not conducting extensive DR testing are excessive cost and not enough time. With Assured Recovery, XOsoft endeavors to alleviate both of those burdens.

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