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Silver Award:

Voltaire Inc. Storage Accelerator software

The Voltaire Storage Accelerator (VSA) software wins our silver award for providing ultra-fast iSCSI remote block storage access on industry-standard servers or appliances over InfiniBand or Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) networks. The VSA software works best in virtualized data centers where centralized storage requires high I/O operations and bandwidth, such as for financial services transactions, data warehousing and high-performance computing (HPC). VSA's iSCSI storage access also provides virtual machine (VM) mapping, simplifies storage resource management and migration, and helps remove storage network bottlenecks. The VSA software could possibly eliminate an organization's need for a fast Fibre Channel storage network, thereby dramatically lowering storage infrastructure costs.

Voltaire says the VSA software delivers up to 1 million I/O operations per second, 5 Gbps throughput per storage target and up to 10 Gbps throughput overall.

VSA software can be deployed on standard Linux servers as a tier 0 storage cache for direct-attached storage (DAS) or a storage-area network (SAN). It can also be used to front a slower DAS or SAN storage system, or provide Fibre Channel I/O virtualization. Administrators can deploy multiple VSA-enabled servers in a cluster to deliver tens of millions of transactions per second to be shared among any servers in the fabric. The VSA software includes unified CLI and management, while the VSA cluster manager provides central resources and hierarchy discovery, automated configuration for network and storage elements, central monitoring and logging, and secure role-based remote access.

The judges applauded VSA for its performance and innovation. One judge said the VSA "sets a new standard for Linux storage performance," while another called it a "unique product that solves real operational market problems with exceptional value."

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