VirtenSys Inc. VIO 4000 Series I/O Virtualization (IOV) Switch

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Bronze Award:

VirtenSys Inc. VIO 4000 Series I/O Virtualization (IOV) Switch

The VirtenSys VIO 4000 Series made it into the storage networking top-three list by consolidating, virtualizing and dynamically sharing standard Ethernet NICs, Fibre Channel NICs or SAS controllers to relieve I/O bottlenecks. The VIO 4000 extends the internal PCI Express bus out of the server and moves existing off-the-shelf adapter cards into one top-of-rack unit or blade module, thereby replacing multiple networking and storage aggregation switches. In blade environments, the I/O virtualization modules incorporate directly into the blade chassis. The VIO 4000 also dramatically reduces the number of tasks, cabling, and power and cooling resources needed to manage and provision servers.

The VIO 4000 IOV switch provides up to 40 Gbps of bandwidth to each server, and appears as a physical I/O adapter to conventional or virtualized environments without requiring any changes to current software, firmware, physical connections or management tools. The VirtenSys IOV switch received the highest overall innovation marks from our judges in the storage networking equipment category.

Administrators can use a command-line interface or the Web-based GUI to dynamically configure and change I/O bandwidth based on workloads, service-level agreements or other criteria without any physical changes. With server and storage virtualization well entrenched, VirtenSys is one of a handful of companies now offering the benefits of virtualization for storage network infrastructures.

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