UltraBac Software UBDR Gold Version 3.0

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Backup and disaster recovery software

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UltraBac Software UBDR Gold Version 3.0

The challenge of getting your organization up and running in the face of a crippling outage is no small matter. UBDR Gold Version 3.0 from UltraBac Software can ease some of that pain. It works alongside your backup app for an additional level of protection—its Locked File Backup Agent ensures that even opened files are backed up.

While not a one-trick pony, UBDR Gold is focused on the critical job of bringing a downed server back to life quickly. It can back up images of Windows servers and do a full bare-metal restore in fewer than 15 minutes, claims the company. UBDR can restore to different gear and even systems with different processors, drives and disk controllers. In previous versions, physical server-to-virtual server restores were supported; Version 3.0 adds the ability to restore from virtual to virtual servers. UBDR works with VMware and Microsoft Virtual Server 2005.

UBDR Gold can integrate with UltraBac's backup software and IBM Corp.'s Tivoli Storage Manager. Selling for $995 per server, Version 3.0 is priced comparable to similar products that may offer fewer restore options. Our judges were impressed with its innovative approach to bare-metal backup and restore. "Excellent DR capabilities," notes one judge, who particularly liked its ability to "restore to dissimilar hardware."

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