Tandberg Data AccuVault RDX 1TB

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Tandberg Data AccuVault RDX 1TB

Disk backup and data deduplication have become important technologies even for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Tandberg Data's AccuVault RDX 1TB may be "setting the gold standard for data protection in that space and could even revolutionize SOHO," according to one of our judges. The AccuVault RDX 1TB is a network-attached data protection appliance specifically targeted for SMB, small- to medium-sized enterprise (SME) and remote office/back office (ROBO) environments. It offers source-based dedupe software and 1 TB of raw capacity (850 GB of usable capacity) in a desktop unit, featuring a removable disk for off-site disaster recovery (DR) and archiving. It protects up to five servers and workstations; a 1 TB RDX removable disk cartridge is included.

The AccuVault RDX uses source-based deduplication to only move new or changed data over the local-area network (LAN). It uses approximately 5% of the bandwidth that a traditional backup or post-process deduplication product would require. Tandberg Data uses a distributed computing scheme rather than performing all the processing centrally. Designed to get up and running quickly, the AccuVault RDX 1TB has a user-friendly interface and comes pre-set with backup/dedupe software; users can monitor the progress of backup jobs and create daily summary reports.

The Tandberg Data AccuVault RDX 1TB is priced at $2,410, which includes all hardware and software.

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